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The Prices of Sex is Orgasm Difficulty for Women Who Experience Pain during Intercourse

She knows sex is supposed to be enjoyable, but for her it brings nothing but abdominal pain. The discomfort is so intense that she can’t reach orgasm. While the possible reasons for her pain are many, the solution is an herbal detoxification formula so she can finally experience pleasure during sex.
Case #: 1350

Sex is supposed to be joyful and pleasurable. It’s supposed to provide elation. It’s not supposed to be painful! When I have sex, I experience an intense throbbing pain near my abdomen and vaginal walls. The pain makes sex impossible, and trying to reach an orgasm with throbbing, stinging pain feels awful. What could be the cause of this pain?

Pain during sex afflicts most women at one point or another. The reasons are varied and include such factors as emotional fear and previous trauma. Regardless of the explanation, a woman should never have to endure pain at times of intimacy. As you said, sex should be pleasurable, a time to let go and bond with your partner. When pain keeps you from doing this, you start to associate intercourse with negativity and avoid it altogether. Far from helping you resolve your issues, this can only complicate a relationship and cause still more problems.
Explaining Dyspareunia

The pain you feel during sex has a name: dyspareunia. This condition does not exist on its own, but is instead caused by underlying issues. Symptoms include aching during penetration as well as sensations of tearing and burning. Because of the intricate nature of women’s bodies, pain can be felt in different locations. Some experience it at the vaginal opening, while others feel it in the abdomen. Deep thrusting seems to cause the most discomfort.
Dyspareunia takes a woman’s attention away from sex and focuses it on her pain. She is therefore likely to experience vaginal dryness and orgasm dysfunction. Even after determining the source of pain, a woman might continue to avoid sex because she still expects discomfort. It is therefore important that you share your experiences with your partner. Speak honestly and openly, and ask him to help you find ways to enjoy intercourse.
Reasons for Intercourse Pain

The reasons for intercourse pain are as diverse as the women who experience them. Many are the result of psychological factors, including fear, guilt and embarrassment. Women commonly go through a range of emotions when it comes to intercourse, and some of those feelings stem from their childhood or beliefs about sex. These thoughts influence desire, which in turn leads to arousal. Without the first you can’t have the other, meaning your frame of mind must be in a healthy place for you to enjoy intercourse.
Relationship problems can also hinder sex. Trust issues or discomfort with the relationship as a whole will make themselves known during intercourse. In this same vein, your partner is another key player. If he has a sexual problem or lacks finesse in his lovemaking techniques, you’re likely to feel anxious. The end result is lack of arousal followed by pain when intercourse does occur.
Physical health also influences sexual responses. It’s possible you have skin disorders or hormonal changes – which can occur at any age – that impede your pleasure. A condition called vaginismus is another factor, and one of the most common causes of dyspareunia. Vaginismus is the reflexive tightening of muscles at your vaginal opening when you try to have intercourse. This can cause both fear and pain.
Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Different measures can help relieve the pain and make sex the experience it should be. A lubricant, for instance, might make sex more comfortable, while a warm bath before intercourse might help you relax. Also feel free to masturbate; this allows you to explore your body in a non-threatening environment so you learn to associate sex with positive outcomes.
An herbal remedy will stimulate healthy tissue growth in and around vagina. (SEE: Vaginal Detox and Restoration Formula for Intercourse Pain) This will stop vaginismus and relieve the pain you’re feeling. Ingredients like Turkey Rhubarb and Catuaba also improve blood flow to the vagina so that it stretches with greater ease to accommodate intercourse. The overall blend of herbs and nutrients can help you reclaim what’s yours in the bedroom: pure and adulterated bliss.

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VRD Formula III - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Intercourse Pain

Abusing a vibrator can trigger chronic elevation of prolactin, dopamine-norepinephrine or epinephrine conversion, leading to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms. Vibrator abuse can accelerate aging of the vagina,...

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