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The Real Penis Pump – A safer and More Effective Way to Increase Penis Size

There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning how men can make their penises bigger. Let’s cut through all of the smoke and mirrors and see how we can really affect change.

Case #: 829


My concern here is that my penis grows longer but my thickness is still maintained and my penis head is not big enough. She likes a thick penis and a bigger penis head as her previous boyfriends had a thick and big penis head according to her, though mine is longer. Please help me with that? My ejaculation is also not strong and my cum is not a lot like those porn stars. Please help. She is horny and I want to drive her crazy with my penis.


“It’s not the size of a man’s d**k it’s how he uses it.” I’m sure we’ve all heard women saw this politically correct, completely bogus statement, right? I have; and I always ask them right after that how a man is going to please her with an elevator button. Either the response is just a bunch of “humana humana humana” or just nervous laughter since no answer can be provided. Let’s face it: Having a big penis is a sign of manliness and virility. In porn, there is even have an entire category dedicated to men with large pipes; which is purportedly pretty popular.

She So Horny

Ideally, most women would desire a man with equipment big enough to reach their g-spots, giving them those convulsive orgasms, and if a man’s Mr. Happy isn’t large enough, he’s just not going to be able to get that job done. This can all cause a man to feel inadequate, such as in your case; and can cause further feelings of inferiority when a woman unfairly compares your penis size to other penises of the past.

Let me first explain what exactly is happening when you get an erection, and then we’ll tackle how to make yours bigger and more competitive. What happens when you get aroused is that your body starts to generate sexual hormones such as testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin, signaling that it’s time to start getting your friend down there ready for action.

Then, blood is pumped from other parts of your body into a series of connected penile chambers, which both expand the length and width of your penis, causing (in most cases) a nice, hard erection. Sponge-like tissue within each of your penile chambers soak up and retain this blood, and the condition of these tissues accounts for how much retention they can provide, and therefore determine how long you can maintain your hardness. So you want to know how to get your penis larger? Read on…

Fun Time

There are all kinds of whacky, phony techniques out there to for your penis bigger through penile exercises. There is even one that is called jelging, where it advises for men to vigorously pull on their penis as if they were milking a cow. One safe and effective technique is called penis ballooning, which was created by world-renowned Doctor N.K. Lin. (SEE: Penile Ballooning Technique) Here’s what you do: Set aside at least 20 minutes for either sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Let your little fella down there get all happy and full of blood. Then, practice holding back your ejaculation. Begin the ballooning process by gently massaging your penile shaft around the lower area and base in five second intervals. This can be fun with a woman because you can even have her do it for you. At this point, you’ll want to hold back your ejaculation, which will promote your body to metabolize nutrients more efficiently. From there, contract your anus and penis head. This will provide an exhilarating burst of pleasure and switch on the growth factors that you are looking for.

If you’d like to prevent damage from occurring from these new occurrences of growth, consider taking a natural herbal supplement. (See: Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement) These can also help to balance your hormonal levels, which in turn will boost your blood flow for more exciting and harder erections. Pretty soon she’ll be bragging to her girlfriends about how you’re the biggest boy she’s even been with, and you’ll be setting the bar sky high.

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Sasha Johnson
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Kate Gorrell-
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Jean Dohm·
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由于频繁的性生活,他在25岁时遇到了瓶颈:他能在为时已晚之前恢复勃起吗? 他是个年轻人,却有老年人的问题。为什么25岁的他就已经出现了勃起功能障碍的问题?他习惯了繁忙的性生活 现在,一切都毁了。
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把你的勃起问题留给自己,我们结束了:他的女朋友离开了他,因为他在做爱时不能保持用力 他的女朋友刚刚结束了他们的关系,因为他对性缺乏信心。然而,真正的问题是他的勃起;他在做爱的过程中失去了它们。
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如果你不这样做,那就该死 重新控制过早的失误 一个年轻人和他的女朋友玩得很开心,因为她偶尔会敲他的鸡鸡。但现在他注意到他的射精开始有点失控了。他怎样才能恢复抑制性高潮的能力呢? . 案例#:1
Ian Kane-
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大麻和性 你不会错的,对吧?错了! 这个家伙以为他找到了大麻和手淫的完美结合,直到他开始勃起,他开始失去对爱的渴望。他怎样才能恢复呢? . 案例#:1850. 担忧: . 在过去的15年
Ian Kane
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Ian Kane
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Ian Kane
11/19/2023 3:14:00 PM
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