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I Blow It Every Time; A Man’s Complaint Over His High Blood Pressure and Low Orgasm Threshold

He can’t seem to last in bed, no matter whom he’s with. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he’s able to last longer, but his general ability does not leave much to be desired. He’s also had high blood pressure since he was young. Is this contributing to his issues? Is there something that can help him?
Case #: 2001

I’ve had trouble my whole life trying to keep from ejaculating too soon. I’ve had numerous girlfriends, some tight, some not as tight, some good in bed, some great in bed, but in no instance have I ever been able to last beyond ten minutes, except for maybe a handful of times when I was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Maybe I should mention that I’ve had high blood pressure since I was quite young, due to a congenital medical issue. I’m not sure if this could cause the problem, but I have my suspicions. What do you think? Can you help me?

The fact that this has been an on-going issue for many years, and that you have been diagnosed with the condition of high blood pressure, prior to now, definitely suggests to me that your hypertension is at the root of your sexual dysfunction. High blood pressure has such a powerful effect upon ejaculation, and you have experienced this problem in such a variety of situations, that I think you will continue to have this problem until you find a way to teach your body to overcome the ejaculatory response.
Penis Under Pressure

High blood pressure contributes to premature ejaculation in two ways—the first, through the fluctuation of blood within the corpora cavernosa, the second, through the excitation of the perineal nerve due to a stress response in the body.
When the body achieves an erection whilst concurrently under the effects of hypertension, that erection is at great risk. High stress put onto the main artery feeding the penis, as well as upon the numerous feeder capillaries the area, mean that blood is constantly straining the vascular walls. Over time, this stress and strain can make it impossible to have an erection at all, especially if the condition has caused a venous leak.
Even if it has not yet progressed to this stage, the continual high pressure upon all parts of the penis can trigger an accidental ejaculation, or make the penis so unbearably sensitive that a man can’t possibly resist orgasm. It’s very important to try to control your high blood pressure now, before it does long term damage to your manhood.
Sensory Overload

The second aspect of premature ejaculation and hypertension comes from the stimulation of the perineal nerve. This nerve is partly responsible for orgasm, and, when excited, can cause an almost instant ejaculation. How does it come to be stimulated? Through the uncertain flux of the blood vessels encircling it. The surprise engorgement of one artery or vein can set the nerve off, causing an unstoppable ejaculation.
Trained for Control

With these treacherous mechanisms almost constantly at work during the sexual process, how can a man possibly keep himself from orgasm? Well, when he knows this to be a chronic situation, he must seek to condition his body against orgasm, though the impulse should exist. You can do this by employing the Start/Stop method.
Know When You’ll Blow

This technique helps a man to extend his pre-ejaculatory period by training him physically, how it feels at the onset of orgasm, and how to delay this process. (SEE: Stop-Start Method for Ejaculation Control) Practiced over time, with an understanding partner, a man can overcome the ejaculatory demands his body is putting upon him, and last much longer.
If you’re tired of always cumming too quickly, I highly recommend you giving this course a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

What to do

Stop-Start Technique For Premature Ejaculation

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