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Tubal ligation has resulted in huge decrease in libido, as well as issues with clitoral engorgement. She feels no arousal at all. What can she do to solve this problem?
Case #: 952

Two years ago, I had a tubal ligation after which I immediately noticed a huge drop in my libido. My clitoris stayed flat and would not get enlarged with blood during sex. Nothing can arouse me at all. This has lasted 4 months long and I don't know what to do about it.

It sounds like your body’s production of estrogen and progesterone has been interrupted due to the tubal ligation. There is a high incidence of females experiencing a drop in libido after this process, due to the high probability of the disruption of blood flow, nerves, and hormone disbursement. I think that due to the decreased production of progesterone, your body is also low in testosterone—which is derived from progesterone in females. Without testosterone, you will have no libido, and without arousal your body won’t signal for the necessary chemicals of clitoral engorgement. I believe we can reverse this problem by increasing your levels of progesterone.
Low Hormones = Low Libido

Progesterone is formed in the ovaries; thus a tubal ligation can distinctly affect how much of that hormone is effectively distributed throughout the body. Progesterone affects a number of the body’s processes, including mood, cravings, weight gain, sleep behaviors, anxiety, and (probably not important in your case) fertility and menstruation. Progesterone is also the forerunner of the hormones cortisol, testosterone, and some of the components of estrogen.
Testosterone is responsible for keeping you interested in sex. It also controls how much fat is turned into muscle, keeps skin and bones healthy, and boosts mood. Women who are testosterone deficient typically report a low sexual desire, low arousal, and low sexual satisfaction, among other issues.
Say Yes to NO

Your body takes its cues from biofeedback. Without testosterone present to give you a sexual response, your body doesn’t release nitric oxide, the chemical responsible for clitoral engorgement. Nitric Oxide, or NO, opens blood vessels by relaxing the clitoral cavernosal artery and the surrounding area, and increasing intercavernosal pressure—resulting in an erect clitoris. Without you exhibiting symptoms of arousal, your body will not release this chemical, and your clitoris will not engorge.
Repair and Reinvigorate

To remedy this issue, you must rejuvenate the circulation and health of the genital area, as well as increase the levels of progesterone and testosterone in the body. Simply increasing circulation and progesterone will be enough to solve your problem, but if you’re looking for instant results, you should try a topical low-dose testosterone cream. It will subcutaneously give your body the biofeedback it requires to create a response, and works almost instantly. For a holistic and natural solution, I recommend beginning a supplement featuring herbs that have been proven to increase progesterone levels, such as Black Cohosh, and to increase circulation and health of the female reproductive area, such as Dong Quai. (TRY: Female Restorex Formula) I’m sure with these efforts you will soon see an improvement in your sexual response. Good luck!

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