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Six Months on Birth Control and She Now Has Dark Vaginal Discharge

Six months into her birth control, she found a dark brown discharge on her underwear. She suspects her birth control is the culprit, and she’s right. The pill’s chemicals have put her body on hormone overload, and now she needs to detoxify her liver so it again functions efficiently.
Case #: 1312

I went to the restroom tonight to find my underwear covered in a brownish-black discharge. I am currently taking the birth control Ethinyl Estradiol/Drospirenone, could this be causing the problem? I have been on this pill for about six months now, and I have never experienced a problem like this. Can you please help me?

Birth control was intended to give women freedom, and it has successfully done so with regard to sex. The tradeoff is that it chains women to a variety of unpleasant physical symptoms. Some have reduced libido, others have back pain and headaches. One of the biggest complaints is vaginal discharge, which many doctors claim ceases after 90 days. But birth control effects each woman differently so that no symptoms are experienced in the same way or for the same amount of time.
At this point, you might be asking yourself how birth control leads to discharge. The answer to this question is multi-faceted and rooted in the liver. That remarkable organ is able to continue functioning when up to 75 percent of its cells are damaged. But even the liver is susceptible to the weighty influence of oral contraceptives.
A Closer Look at the Liver

You can liken the liver to a wastewater treatment plant. It breaks down and metabolizes almost everything that enters the body, including food, drink and medicine. It even metabolizes pollutants in the air. All this work is done to keep the body as clean as possible. Without the liver and its crucial removal of toxins, a person would not be able to exist.
The liver also metabolizes hormones. It sends them to parts of the body where their functions are needed, thus normalizing and controlling hormone levels even as it provides direction. But the liver is not infallible. It cannot keep pace with an abundance of hormones, especially where birth control is concerned.
The pill consists of synthetic blends of the natural hormones estrogen and progesterone. Adding these chemicals on top of what your body produces is akin to pouring water into a cup already half-full. The cup will overflow before long, and hormones similarly accumulate to excessive levels in the body. That’s when imbalances occur.
Magnitude of the Sex Hormones

The liver’s role in metabolizing sex hormones, particularly estrogen, is critical to a woman’s well-being. To ensure it is moved and expelled as necessary, the liver metabolizes estrogen and other hormones with a two-phase process. This is a timely undertaking during which the liver continues to perform hundreds of other tasks. You can therefore see how an abundance of hormones compromises liver function.
Estrogen performs many tasks in the body, including stimulating the growth of a thick uterine lining during the menstrual cycle. That lining is shed during menstruation if pregnancy doesn’t occur, and the entire process begins again once bleeding is complete.
But an estrogen imbalance causes the lining to be abnormally loose and watery. This means it cannot remain in the uterus until menstruation – it’s too thin to stay in place. It instead sheds in minute amounts throughout the cycle. The brown discharge you experience is therefore the uterine lining you would normally expel during your period.
Give Your Liver a Boost

To reduce the strain placed on your liver, skip processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. Grease should also be avoided. Drink plenty of water to assist with metabolic functions, and opt for wholesome fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
The best way to detoxify your liver is with an herbal formula. This will help it operate more efficiently, and ingredients like Fenugreek and Mexican Wild Yam will also help restore health to the vagina. (TRY: Vaginal Detoxification & Infection Relief Remedy) It’s important to achieve both tasks so that you undo the harm caused by your birth control. Detoxifying the liver will help expel excessive hormones from your body, while a strong vaginal environment will improve your overall health.

What to do

Vaginal Infection Relief & Detoxification Formula

Antibiotics and birth control pills can alter the balance of the ‘friendly’ micro flora that subsists in the vagina. Pathogens from these drugs can result in yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, with symptoms ranging from abnormal discharge,...

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