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Tubby Hubby Is Losing Sight of His Sex Life…Because of His Belly! Is His Unhealthy Body Shrinking His Penis as Well?

He’s forty-five, and his penis is heading over the hill—he’s losing sight of it over the hill of his belly! Can a man’s penis become smaller due to weight gain, or is it simply because of his decreased visibility? How does a man rebound from an issue like this?
Case #:2093

Can a man’s penis shrink with weight gain? I’m forty-five, and my waistband has definitely increased along with my age. I know I’ve gotten a little tubby, but my wife doesn’t mind, and I’m not the type to be worried about body image at my age. The only thing is, it looks like my penis is getting smaller. I don’t know if it’s just a visuals thing—stomach detracting from the view—but it’s got me worried. Should I be worried?

I’d say you’re on the fast track to be seeing more than just the end of your penis! Weight gain can cause many problems for a man of your age in the sex department. It could definitely be more than just poor visuals that are ruining the length of your penis. Male body fat has the astonishing ability to convert necessary male hormones into female hormones. This spells trouble for a man in your position.
Belly Buster

Men tend to put on body fat specifically in the abdominal area—which gives a decidedly minute appearance to anything below the belt. Past thirty-five, testosterone levels start to decrease naturally, which encourages greater fat deposition. Foods such as beef, beer, and bread add unnatural and unnecessary hormones to the male hormonal axis—forcing the remaining testosterone to fight for supremacy.
Walk Like A Lady

What many men fail to realize when they begin putting on weight is that they’re actually feminizing themselves. It’s incredible to consider, but the more body fat a man has, the more womanly (and by womanly, I mean biologically female) his body will become. Body fat, or adipose tissue, as you may remember from high school biology, contains an enzyme known as aromatase, which works busily to convert androgen into estrogen. The more adipose tissue in a body, the greater the conversion will be. For a man who’s wondering if visuals are causing his penis problems, I’d say your enzymatic action is fairly high.
The thing is, you really, really need to not have estrogen in your body. Estrogen takes the place of testosterone, which is what gives your penis length and strength. It also encourages further fat deposition, and diminishes male sex characteristics.
Lose It to Gain It

With a belly, and a pubic bone liberally padded with fat, I would encourage you to try to lose a little weight if you’re worried about your shrinking penis. It will not only help your self-image, but strength training has been proven to increase testosterone—something you stand in great need of at this date.
Easier Than You Think

I’d also recommend an herbal supplement to motivate your body in losing the excess weight you’ve put on. (TRY: Size Enhancement with Faster Metabolism & Fuel) I’m not suggesting any sort of bodybuilding protein powder; just a simple, natural way to restore your body back to its normal hormonal settings, and provide a little metabolic impetus for fat burning. Getting your hormones back in balance will both help you lose weight, and ensure that your sexual mechanisms are functioning at full power.
Why not start today? The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll see results: literally!

What to do

Size Enhancement With Faster Metabolism & Fuel

What’s the average healthcare cost of gaining 20 pounds? $711.

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