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In Need of a Bride and Healthy Erections, Not Necessarily in That Order: He Wants to Marry but Suffers Recurring Episodes of Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Diabetes

He’s ready to settle down and get married, but he needs a wife first. He also needs the proper way to satisfy her in bed, meaning he needs to sustain and maintain firm erections. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, he’s learned to accept erectile dysfunction (ED) as the norm. He therefore is afraid to be intimate with women. What this man needs is to take charge of his health so he can correct ED and regain his confidence. Then he can get married.
Case #:2007

I was diagnosed in my teens with type 1 diabetes and have suffered impotence on and off since then. I’ve not had sex with many women – I’m 32 and have only been with three women. I’m sexually inhibited because I never know when I’ll be able to achieve an erection and when I won’t. Now I’m ready to settle down, and my parents have even offered to give me the down payment for a new house when I get married. I’m eager to find “the girl,” but given my history of erectile dysfunction, I’m afraid no woman will ever want me. What I’m trying to ask is, can I take a remedy to help me get and stay hard during intercourse? If the answer is yes, I may not have to wait as long to get married as I had previously thought.

Up to 75 percent of men diagnosed with diabetes struggle to maintain their erections. This is an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem that many men assume has no remedy. But an estimated 95 percent of these cases can be successfully treated. All you have to do is decide you won’t be victimized by your own body.
Penis Health and Type 1 Diabetes

In 2013, a study out of Barcelona, Spain, revealed men with type 1 diabetes tend to suffer intermittently from erectile dysfunction (ED). This is different from those who have permanent ED and has forced doctors to question if treatment should also be different. It is perhaps a more frustrating condition, because these men can never gauge when they’ll have an episode of ED. They are therefore at the mercies of their bodies when they engage in sex.
The connection between ED and diabetes is glucose. Blood sugar levels that consistently remain high, without medical intervention, damage the body’s blood vessels. Keep in mind that in the penis is a whole network of tiny, unsuspecting vessels eager to fill with blood when a man becomes sexually aroused. Because of their size, those vessels are also highly susceptible to harm.
Once those vessels become damaged, they no longer fill with the blood necessary to sustain an erection. This becomes a two-fold problem because the penis needs oxygen-rich blood for sexual pleasure and general health – blood keeps the muscles in this organ strong and stretchy. Blood deprivation and lack of use cause the muscles to atrophy, and scar tissue sets in. Diabetes also damages nerves to further impede sexual stimulation.
Other factors that influence ED include weight, alcohol consumption, smoking status, and sedentary lifestyles.
Heal Yourself Before You Tie the Knot

Couples forced to cope with ED often experience a range of emotions. Men feel defunct and worthless, women feel unattractive and unwanted. Over time, these emotions can create a gap in even the most solid of marriages. This is why you need to focus on yourself before you choose a bride.
One of the greatest hurdles you’ll cross is regaining your sexual confidence after battling impotence for so long. To ensure your mental and emotional health are intact, we suggest you speak with a sex therapist. He or she can help you muddle through the negativity ED often brings. A therapist can also answer questions and give advice.
Another option is to experiment sexually with yourself. Masturbation can be a great way to not only harness your innate sexuality but also teach restraint and control. Then, when you do begin having intercourse, you’ll feel confident in knowing you can please yourself as well as a partner.
The Path to Great Sex

As you work on your mind and learn to see yourself as a healthy, normal man, you can complement your efforts with an herbal remedy. Herbs have a long history in successfully treating ED. They work in a similar fashion to prescription pills, but without the side effects and without introducing harmful chemicals to your body. They are safe, natural and come in a variety of formulas so you can select the one you need.

ViaPal-hGH-S Erectile Dysfunction Formula is specially blended for men with diabetes. (TRY: Erection Rejuvenation for Diabetic Men) It contains ingredients like American Ginseng and Mexican Wild Yam to perform multiple benefits. Specifically, this formula heals damaged penile tissues, rejuvenates injured nerves and enhances sensitivity. It also balances hormones and gives your body a testosterone boost. This is crucial to maintaining high libido and providing you with spine-tingling orgasms that will leave you and partner begging for more.

What to do

ViaPal-hGH-S Erectile Dysfunction Formula For Men With Diabetes

ViaPal-hGH-S formula is a multi-function diabetic restorative formula that is su

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