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Numbing Buzz Burn

She has used a vibrator for sexual pleasure for many years, but has never had an orgasm with any other person. Recently, she has been trying harder to have an orgasm with a partner, but so far hasn’t had any luck. Her vagina feels numb, and she wonders how long it will take to regain sensation after she stops using her vibrator.

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I have used a vibrator for many years, but I have never had an orgasm with my partner. I have recently been trying harder and harder to orgasm by being more aggressive and have even tried with a vibrator. I feel really numb in my vagina and I am really scared. I know I should get rid of the vibrator, but will this do me any good? How long will it take for my vaginal feelings to come back?


It sounds like there are two problems here, combining to create the situation you are now in. One is your extended vibrator usage. The other is your age. Luckily, both of these problems are solvable, and without too much stress.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Obviously you’ve gathered that too much vibrator usage leads to clitoral and vaginal numbness. This is due to the nature of the vibrator. The buzzing sensation is transformed into a percussive action on the skin, which to the body is perceived as injury. This causes the body to try to protect itself against the continued abuse by building up scar tissue between the skin and the nerves.

As this protection comes into play, it becomes harder and harder to derive any sensation from the vibrator. It also becomes almost impossible to feel anything without using a vibrator, as vibrational stimulation is much stronger than any manual stimulation might be. A secondary issue is that the presence of scar tissue in the clitoral and vaginal area begins to constrict the blood vessels that feed the labia, G-spot, and clitoris. Without these feeder veins, sexual pleasure is halved, because sensation is dependent on engorgement, which isn’t happening.

Age and Enjoyment

The second part of your problem is the result of age. As women grow older, certain hormones begin to drop off. Estrogen is one of these. Estrogen keeps vaginal and vulval tissues healthy, and also controls vaginal lubrication and sensation. As this hormone starts to disappear, your sexual enjoyment can go downhill as well. Not to mention the relationship between estrogen and oxytocin—the hormone necessary for orgasm. Estrogen and oxytocin seem to share a direct relationship, and with the diminishment of estrogen, so also will you see a reduction in oxytocin, resulting in a decreasing ability to orgasm.

Practical Advice

To revive your sex life, you must wean yourself off of your vibrator and increase your estrogen to a fully functioning level. I cannot give you an exact time frame as to how long it will take to increase your sexual sensation, but you should notice results within two weeks, if you follow my suggestions. The time it takes a body to detoxify and stabilize will differ from person to person, depending on the strength of their circulation, liver, and kidneys, as well as what kind of positive steps are taken to assist this process.

A Proactive Approach

I recommend beginning an herbal formula that’s designed to return sensation to the clitoris and surrounding sex organs. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Passion & Sensitivity Enhancer) This mix contains hormones that have been used to increase sexual enjoyment for centuries, such as Epimedium, Maca, and Cistanche. It also includes purifying herbs that will help your body to remove the build-up of scar tissue, and reduce any inflammation resulting from its presence. Some of these detoxifiers are Dong Quai and Pyrola, traditional healing herbs in Eastern medicine. Finally, Mexican Wild Yam will help you increase your estrogen levels, restoring and rejuvenating your clitoris, vagina, and G-Spot.

I’m sure you’ll soon see results, but you must try to abstain from your vibrator! I wish you the best.

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Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion

Most modern career-oriented adults sadly discover that as life gets busier, they (and many other couples) indulge in unsatisfying goal-oriented sex. A ‘quickie’ gets the job done. But all this ‘too much’ and ‘too fast’ can numb a woman’s most...

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