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Last Longer – Masters and Johnson’s Squeeze Method for Couples

A man right in the prime of his sexual years is having an ejaculation malfunction with his member and needs some help in order to get things back on track.
Case #: 1969

I’m a 29 year old male who has been with a regular sex partner for some time now. I used to be able to nail her all night, and even wake up and hit it as well.
Now, my ability to hold back shooting a load has drastically decreased. What the hell is going on and how can I get back to busting nuts when I want to instead of the other way around? Any advice would be appreciated!

Jeff and Brenda had met in college and became an item while attending school. Since both of their sex drives had been through the roof during those years, they’d often meet up at some risky, semi-public location between classes in order to get some quickie sex. It was such a mutual blast.
The Downfall

After graduating, they had a pretty full sex life…well they had one up until Jeff began popping his cork too often and too soon. Jeff had been able to last for up to an hour, even more sometimes, before exploding. But over the course of time he mysteriously lost his ability to hold back, and would be lucky if he could even last ten minutes. Brenda wasn’t too happy about that.
After conducting some research, Jeff discovered a way that he and Brenda could practice a technique called Masters and Johnson’s Squeezing Method where she would stimulate him to hardness and then squeeze his penis when he was about to ejaculate. It worked wonders and soon he was back to his longer-lasting, more pleasure sustaining ways.
A Little Too Happy

Whether due to stress, a poor diet, or a whole host of other causes, one thing is for certain – not being able to keep your little spermies in check can cause women to run from you. Nothing inspires more ire in a woman than a man starting sexual intercourse and getting her all hot and wet, and then busting lose before she can even get an orgasm.
While some men justify ejaculating too soon as something equivalent to “hey, at least I got mine, who cares if she didn’t…” if a man wants any sort of long-term relationship, or even a repeat customer, he’s going to have to learn how to hold it back for longer periods of time. So how can one do this?
Penile Mastery

The Masters and Johnson’s Squeezing Method is a technique that allows a man to properly gauge his sexual response and then calculate the amount of stimulation that is required for him to bust a big one. Pinpointing this small window of sensation can lead to a man having mastery over his penis in terms of ejaculating when he wants to.
For couples such as Jeff and Brenda, this technique really shines, and it can be really fun too. Here’s how to perform it:

  • Step 1: In a calm and relaxed environment, free from distractions (turn the phones off), the couple begins kissing and caressing until he is aroused.
  • Step 2: She gently begins to stroke his penis until it hardens.
  • Step 3: When fully erect, he fully concentrates on the pleasure in order to bring about his sexual awareness.
  • Step 4: When he is about to climax, he alerts her (i.e. a code word).
  • Step 5: She stops her stroking and applies firm but light pressure on the area of his penis where the penis head (glans) meets the shaft, holding it for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Step 6: She lets go and they wait 30 seconds, after which they repeat the entire process again several more time until allowing him to orgasm.

That’s it – utilizing this technique several times per week can transform a man from one-trick pony into a longer-lasting lover.

What to do

Masters and Johnson's Squeeze Method

Developed by Masters and Johnson, the squeeze method suggests stimulating the man to the brink, when he feels the onset of orgasm he is to squeeze his penis hard enough to inhibit ejaculation.

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