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Former Stripper No Longer Keen for Sex and Suffers Orgasm Difficulty with Frustrated Husband

As the husband of a former stripper, he is well aware of the sexual acts in which she engaged before their wedding. Her former skill and zeal for sex made their first few years of marriage pure bliss. Now, in her mid-30s, she’s lost her desire for and ability to climax during sex. He wants his old wife back, but they must first find the root of her clitoral insensitivity.
Case #:1191

I married an ex-stripper. I first met her in her late 20s while I was at work. Our earliest years were great, filled with romance and plenty of sex. Because of her former profession, I hide the truth from friends and family members. But I always remained aware of the potential disaster this former career choice could have on our relationship.

As a former stripper, my wife was used to flirty, over-zealous males. She was used to the romantic encounters and occasional sexual encounter. Before we dated, she informed me of all these issues. Of course, I didn’t mind – at first – but after a few years, I noticed changes. I saw her sexual appetite decline. I even saw her pleasure with sex disappear. Now in her mid-30s, my wife continues to experience orgasm difficulty. Now, I’m feeling a bit of resentment about her promiscuous past. I want my wife – and sex life – back!
Sexuality is a complex issue, particularly in women. A person’s sexual responses start in the brain, meaning that all of the conditions for desire and arousal must be met before sex can even occur. Your wife’s orgasm difficulty may therefore be linked to any number of factors. It is your role at this time to help her determine the source of trouble and then find a way to recover.
Hormones and Sexual Dysfunction

Most people attribute sexual dysfunction, defined as any problem that occurs during normal sexual activity, to menopausal women. The truth is that this condition is not uncommon for women in their mid-30s. Hormone levels begin to change as early as age 30, and the most notable change occurs with estrogen. Dramatic decreases can lead to vaginal problems that include irritation and dryness during sex. These factors take away from clitoral sensitivity and impede the ability to climax.
Estrogen also promotes the flow of blood to genitalia, which in turn leads to strong and healthy tissues. This hormone’s decline therefore reduces the flow of blood and even diminishes a woman’s desire for sex. Without desire, she isn’t likely to climax regardless of the effort or techniques you apply.
Clitoral Stimulation

Women typically need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. This means manual touch or the aid of a sex toy, unless you and your wife often engage in oral sex. The point is that repeated and direct contact with the clit can desensitize nerves. A conundrum develops in which a woman must be stimulated in order to achieve orgasm, but clitoral stimulation can also damage that most sensitive part of her body. The key, therefore, is moderation. You and your wife might need to pace yourselves in order for sex to be pleasurable for her, especially as she ages and her body changes.
Age in and of itself is an important factor with healthy sexual responses. You must remember that what your wife found pleasing in her 20s may no longer whet her appetite. The two of you likely need to explore new sexual techniques in order to keep the fire burning.
State of Mind is Important

Of course, not all cases of orgasm difficulty are related to physical problems or hormonal imbalances. As already stated, sexual arousal starts in the brain. If your wife isn’t in the right frame of mind, she won’t want to engage in intercourse, and orgasm will be difficult for her even when the two of you do have sex.
Factors that can negatively affect your wife’s state of mind include depression, low self-esteem and feelings of guilt. You mentioned that you don’t share with others the fact that she was once a stripper. This might make her feel inadequate, which in turn can ruin your moments of intimacy. Talk to your wife. Share your thoughts and feelings and encourage her to do the same. Open communication might help the two of you regain your closeness and inadvertently lead her to orgasm.
Regain Stripper Inclinations

You said you miss your old sex life, and the fastest way to get back there is with an herbal remedy designed to naturally restore health to your wife’s clitoris. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Restoration) Herbs have a long history of helping women regain libido, hormonal balance and vaginal sensitivity. Ingredients like Dong Quai and Horny Goat Weed are especially helpful because they stimulate blood flow to the clitoris and increase desire. The result for you will be a wife who craves sex and easily reaches orgasm.

What to do

Natural Clitoral Revitalization – Revive the Sensitivity & Passion

Most modern career-oriented adults sadly discover that as life gets busier, they (and many other couples) indulge in unsatisfying goal-oriented sex. A ‘quickie’ gets the job done. But all this ‘too much’ and ‘too fast’ can numb a woman’s most...

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