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Has He Oversexed Himself Into Impotence? What Will His New Girlfriend Think?

He’s never had a problem with weak erections, but with his latest girlfriend, he just can’t stay hard. The issue has begun lately; in the beginning they were banging every day. What could cause such a reversal?
Case #:2044

I’m writing in with a weird problem. I’ve enjoyed sex throughout my life (I’m now thirty) and never had any problems with becoming erect, or staying so during sex. With my new girlfriend, however, I’ve begun to have this issue. In the beginning, we were having sex multiple times per day, and I wasn’t having any problems. Now, it tends to be hit or miss as to whether I remain hard throughout. What could have caused this change?

Your issue is quite similar to instances of male over masturbation. And while you state that you’ve never had this problem before, I wonder if you’ve been having this amount of sex the entire time. I suspect that the last time you had this much intercourse you were between eighteen and twenty-one. Now, you’re thirty, and times (and your body) have changed.
Sex When You Need It

The male body should be able to engage in high levels of sex—during your sexual prime. After that, hormones begin to taper off minutely, not inhibiting your ability to bone, but definitely removing you from the six times a day category. And now, here you are: wanting to give your girlfriend all you’ve got, but finding your penis not quite up to snuff.
Going, Going, Gone

It’s really not your fault. Your body was keeping up for a while, but then you overtaxed production power. You need testosterone and DHEA to be a sexually functioning male. Certainly your body is producing testosterone as fast as it can—but in the thirty-year old male, there are things standing in the way of perfect testosterone levels. Excess fat, diet, marijuana use; there are any number of potentialities for reducing testosterone production.
DHEA Dearth

But what can really cramp a man’s erection ability is a lack of DHEA. This steroid is the forerunner to all hormones produced in the adrenal gland, including testosterone. DHEA levels have been proven to diminish with age, and a man’s age can be determined by the amount of DHEA in his body. This matters to you because with proper levels of DHEA, all the outside influences that are reducing your testosterone levels wouldn’t matter so much.
Pop It Up

In fact, even men post-middle-age noted improved sexual performance after beginning DHEA supplements. It seems to benefit all states of male sexual function—from erection (utilizing nitric oxide, a derivative of testosterone) to ejaculation (improving muscle tone for a stronger, harder orgasm).
Sooner the Better

With these facts in mind, I highly recommend you to begin a DHEA supplement as soon as possible. While certain foods can promote DHEA production in the body, I think it best if you stabilize your hormone levels as soon as possible. (TRY: DHEA for Improved Erection Capacity) You won’t be able to continue having sex marathons until you’ve recovered your testosterone levels, and it will take you some time to restore your testosterone levels if your DHEA levels are also in the red. Get back in the swing of things, and quickly, with a simple pick-me-up in the form of DHEA.

What to do

DHEA: Improving Aging Erectile Tissues

Too often men suffer from erectile problems. At times it refuses to get hard.

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