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A Dip in Desire – Impotence Caused By Stress

Here’s a case study concerning a man that has a lot of stress placed upon him due to sports. This in turn is causing stress issues that are resulting in a loss in sexual desire and a low libido. How does he get over this speed-bump?

Case #: 1382


I am a dual-sport collegiate athlete. I take plenty of all-natural supplements to help boost my endurance and to keep me healthy. However, it now appears that my body has suffered another health-related issue: impotence. I don’t know if it’s the over exertion of exercise or the mounds of supplements that could be ruining my libido, but I need something to help improve my strength where it matters most.


Men are under a tremendous pressure these days to be able to perform. And not just in bed. Our gravely sick economy and jobs being shipped overseas by greedy corporations leaves less work to go around for college graduates. This leads to other stressful considerations; how to pay huge student loans off, how to pay the rent or car note, and even how to afford basic needs like food and clothes.


Many people these days try to distract themselves from their issues by watching sports. As a result of this (plus unchecked population growth) has led to larger audiences than ever before at sporting events. Now there is more pressure on athletes than ever before to be able to perform at super-human levels; and many are using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to further their ends. Whatever the case, sometimes these high stress levels can leapfrog from sports performance to sexual performance.

As a result of too much stress, your pituitary gland can cause your adrenal glands to secrete too much adrenaline. This influx of adrenaline can cause your testosterone and cortisol hormones to spin out of control resulting in irregularities within your body, one of them being impotence. Men who experience high-stress on a consistent basis can see a reduction in their omega 3 fatty acid levels. This in turn causes serotonin to become under-produced, which can result in erectile dysfunction.

Also, in general stressing out about things can cause people to constantly worry about things that are happening in their lives or whether or not they’ll be able to measure up to future events or expectations. These worries can cause people to lose focus and concentration and therefore interfere with normal sexual function.

Reach the Finish Line

Setting some time aside every week for a little “me-time;” allowing yourself to have some relaxation time and not worry about things can be a good first step. Another one could be to learn a new form of relaxation such as meditation, or perhaps talk to a sports psychologist who can give you some advice on relaxation techniques.

Forming new relaxation techniques are a great start but natural herbal formulas may really accelerate your progress to a healthier lifestyle, with not as much stress, and a higher sex drive. (SEE: Natural Formula with Fresh Fish Oils for Erection Heatlh) These herbal mixtures can not only boost your blood circulation within your penile tissues, but also promote omega 3 fatty acid production which in turn will get your serotonin levels back on track. They can calm your overall stress levels and at the same time increase nitric oxide leading to a higher libido and a return to more desire for sex as well as the ability to sustain erections for longer periods of time.

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