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He’s Trying to Move Up In the World, and His Erections Are Going Down: Is His Anxiety to Blame?

His attempts to upgrade at work are downgrading his ability to get an erection. He’s way too stressed out to function properly in bed, but doesn’t know what to do about it. How can he recharge his erections in the midst of this anxiety?
Case #:2083

I feel so stressed out lately, and I think it’s ruining my erections. I don’t know what else it could be; everything else in my life is the same, except for I’ve been really stressed at work lately—I’m trying to finish my annual project and I’m looking for a raise. I’ve heard that stress can ruin erections, what do you think?

You’re completely right: stress can, and often does, ruin erections. When we feel nervous, our body begins to release a hormone known as cortisol. This compound negatively impacts all areas of the body, and so long as it is in effect, you will continue to notice problems with your erection.
Stress Test

Cortisol is a massive erection fighter, in a large part because of what it does to the hormonal system in the body. It disrupts the production of specific neurochemicals and hormones in the brain—a process that really needs to occur uninhibited in order for men and women to see correct sexual function. Among the neurochemicals most affected by anxiety disorders are dopamine and serotonin.
Dopey Without Dopamine

Decreased serotonin can have its own negative side effects, such as premature ejaculation. However, what you ought to be most concerned with is the lack of dopamine you’re currently suffering from. That’s right, this well known feel-good helper is what’s got you feeling so bad right now.
That Loving Feeling

Dopamine encourages pleasurable sensation, and the memory of it in the brain then triggers further chemical responses. Without enough dopamine, your brain doesn’t receive the signals to continue the arousal process. You remain unaroused, with your brain and body on completely different wavelengths. No matter how much you might think you want to have sex, the fact is that your brain is being effectively blocked from allowing you to do so.
You’ve Got One Unread Message

Your brain needs to send the acetylcholine messengers to the penis, encouraging the local production of nitric oxide, and allowing the floodgates to open from your circulatory system into your corpora cavernosa. Without this happening, you will never achieve orgasm. This process cannot occur without the increased production or presence of dopamine in your body.
Ups and Downs

However, as you’re currently in a stress cycle, it’s unlikely that dopaminergic production will improve of its own accord. What I recommend you to try in the meantime is a plant used specifically for its power to increase dopamine in the body. Mucuna Pruriens is the scientific name of this plant, which includes extremely high levels of the neurochemical levadopa—the necessary forerunner for dopamine. (TRY: Mucuna Pruiens for Optimal Erections) If you ingest regular amounts of this safe and trusted herb, your body will soon realize its habitual levels of dopamine, which will end this frustrating period for you.
Hopefully, your stressful season will soon be over. Help yourself recover a little faster through the use of Mucuna Pruriens—truly a boon to you in this situation. Good luck!

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Improving Penile Stimulation with Mucuna Pruiens

Jose spent years abusively masturbating. He masturbated before breakfast.

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