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Vaginal Discharge that Interferes with Sex Could be the Result of Off-Kilter Hormones and Neurotransmitters

Unlike her ex-boyfriend, her new lover can make her climax almost immediately. The only problem is the amount of vaginal discharge she experiences during sex – it squirts out in the form of female ejaculation. Although this function is perfectly normal, the amount of liquid she emits is not. It runs down her legs as the result of a hormone imbalance.
Case #: 889

I don’t have a “problem” per se. I have been dating a man for five weeks now, and the strangest thing is happening. Whenever I am on top, fluids literally start to run down my thighs and all over him. Is this some sort of female ejaculation? His penis is of average size, and there isn’t much foreplay, so I am really confused. I just split up with a man after more than three years together. He had an enormous penis, and I had a really hard time having an orgasm with him unless it was orally. In fact, I almost never have an orgasm unless I am masturbating or receiving oral sex. With this new boyfriend, as soon as he enters me, if I am on top, I get a rush that goes up my back and culminates on the top of my shoulders, and the hair rises on my arms. I have had a lot of really awesome lovers, but I have never had liquid squirt out of me like that. It definitely isn’t urine. What in the heck is going on here? I hope you can help.

The vaginal discharge you’re experiencing may be embarrassing, but it isn’t uncommon. Discharge serves a beneficial purpose by cleaning dead cells and bacteria out of the vagina. It has a number of other functions as well and provides lubrication to make intercourse more comfortable.
Not all vaginal discharge is created equally. Some point to infection, while others suggest ovulation. Your discharge is clearly related to sexual pleasure, although you need to understand its exact origin to learn how to control it.
Female Ejaculation

Perhaps the first topic that needs clarification is that of female ejaculation, which is as possible for females as it is for males. But only a small percentage of females ejaculate at the time of orgasm. The juices they emit are composed of sugar and chemicals. As you said, the juice is not urine and, if measured, would fill about half a coffee cup.
Female ejaculation is thought to herald from stimulation of the G-spot. This erotic zone is located near the Skene’s glands, believed to be the area from which female ejaculate comes. You explained that your previous partner was not able to bring you to climax, but that your current one does so with ease. What you’re now experiencing is female ejaculation, depicted as the squirting liquid you emit when your partner enters you. This occurrence is perfectly normal, but excessive discharge is a result of hormonal imbalances. Specifically, your dopamine levels are depleted.
The Function of Dopamine

Dopamine is a member of the feel-good hormones and activates the brain’s “reward center.” It facilitates controlled physical movements and produces pleasurable feelings that make people repeat certain activities. Many behaviors generate the release of dopamine, including exercise, eating, drinking, and risk-taking. Dopamine is also released during orgasm.
It is not, however, a chemical of pure innocence; one shot of dopamine is like an injection of heroin, meaning it has an addictive effect on the body. Some people constantly pursue the pleasure associated with dopamine – by engaging in excessive sex, gambling or eating – to achieve that feeling of high. This neurotransmitter is fortunately balanced by others in the body to offset its addictive nature.
Dopamine and Progesterone

As already stated, orgasm stimulates the release of dopamine. In turn, this neurotransmitter triggers progesterone, released each time you orgasm. Progesterone activates vaginal discharge to increase lubrication during intercourse. Hence, the extreme wetness you feel during intercourse is a result of imbalanced hormones.
It’s likely you have depleted dopamine levels because each release of this neurotransmitter is immediately followed by prolactin. Prolactin causes feelings of depression and irritability, thus having an opposite effect on the body as dopamine. Excessive prolactin leads to a dopamine shortage and gives way to miscues in the body, like the excessive discharge you currently experience.
Balance Your Hormones and Get Back on Track

The best way for you to stop your excessive discharge is to balance your hormones with an herbal supplement. Ingredients like Mexican Wild Yam and Black Cohosh have the ability to modulate hormones and prevent chronic health problems. (SEE: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Herbal Formula) They can also detoxify the liver to expel excess chemicals in the body. Following an herbal formula regimen will improve your natural functions and help you enjoy sex without worry for bodily fluids.

What to do

Hormonal Realignment & Rejuvenation Formula For Excessive Vaginal Discharge

Excessive estrogens (“Estrogen Dominance”) and the disturbance of sex hormones caused by birth control medications and environmental toxins are the leading cause of most women’s chronic health problems, especially excessive vaginal secretion and...

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