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She believes she has over masturbated. She has only ever been able to achieve orgasm with a vibrator. Now she notices her clitoral feelings have disappeared, and she is having many issues with insensitivity. What can she do to restore her vagina to its former splendor?

Case #: 1593


After reading some of the information on the site I self-diagnosed myself and believe that I suffer from over masturbation and vibrator abuse. I can only achieve an orgasm while using a vibrator and I noticed that all my clitoral feelings have disappeared and it is extremely insensitive. Is there anything in specific that I can do, or anything I can take, to return my vagina back to normal and have a normal sex life?


Hopefully you discovered in your reading that while it’s distressingly easy to damage your clitoris through vibrator use, it’s also not a hard issue to overcome, once you’ve diagnosed the problem. Over masturbation in itself is seldom a problem for women, except when the over masturbation is completed via a vibrator. The problem there lies both in the physical damage, and in the body’s overproduction of specific hormones—prostaglandins.

I can tell you exactly what to do to solve your problem, and you should soon be having great sensation in your clitoris once again.

Stop! In The Name Of Love

The first thing to do is to stop using your vibrator. Right now, any time you use it, you’re simply doing further damage to yourself. As you mentioned above, you’re not even getting full pleasure out of it. It will be hard to hold off, but I assure you the results will be worth it. Each time you use your vibrator, your body is releasing prostaglandin E2, because you’re irritating what is essentially scar tissue.

Too Protected

Scar tissue has developed between your clitoris and your epidermis, and though you can’t see or feel it from the outside, your body sees each use of the vibrator as another attack on itself. To protect you, it builds scar tissue. This scar tissue cramps blood vessels, deadens sensation, and has the added benefit of creating an inflammatory reaction each time it’s stimulated. This causes further constriction of the blood vessels, and can sometimes cause shooting pain or a burning sensation in the clitoris.

By leaving your clitoris and vulval tissue alone for a while, your body will eventually recognize that there is no longer an attack being made upon it. The body will reabsorb the scar tissue, and blood flow will increase. This in itself will give you much better sensation.

From the Inside Out

You should also begin taking a supplement that is designed to invigorate tissues of the clitoris and vagina. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Sensitivity & Passion Enhancement) Your body will be able to recover on its own, but taking a supplement will improve your sensation, speed the healing process, and improve your sexual experience overall. You can expect to see increased desire and sensation through the application of Epimedium, Tribulus, and Maca. Mexican Wild Yam will give new life to your over stimulated tissues, and Dong Quai and Pyrola will keep your blood pumping and well-filtered.

Proper circulation is tantamount to healthy sexual response, as you need both good blood flow and a supply of fresh, clean blood to keep the reproductive organs sensitive and responsive. Filtration depends as well on a well-functioning liver and kidneys, the processes of which are boosted by Mucuna Pruriens.

As you begin to restore your body, you can begin self-manipulating again, however, try to limit your exploration to non-vibrating objects. You will enjoy a more satisfying and longer-lived sex life if you do!

What to do

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