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-Hey guys, today I'm going to share my feelings about my trip to Chongqing. As a foodie, my focus is of course on the food in Chongqing. But besides eating, I also went to Hongya Cave for a stroll. Let me share my trip to Chongqing with you! -First of all, let's talk about the food in Chongqing. I think Chongqing's hot pot is really one of a kind! I went to an old hot pot restaurant which had a really good hot pot base and I wanted to come back again afterwards. In addition, I also tried the local small noodles and hot and sour noodles, which really made me fall in love with them. Especially that spicy taste; it's addictive! If you come to Chongqing you must try the local food or you will really regret it. Next was my trip to Hongya Cave. -From a distance, Hongya Cave looks like a giant beehive which is very spectacular. There are many unique stores inside including those selling handicrafts, cafes and snacks. I especially like the snack stores because their food is really delicious! It felt really good to wander around and have a bite to eat. -All in all,my trip to Chongqing was very enjoyable. I ate a lot of delicious food and saw many beautiful sights. If you want to visit Chongqing for fun, try these places. I'm sure you'll have an unforgettable trip like I did!
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