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If you like whisky and cocktails, this pub is an ideal place to visit. It has a wide selection of whiskies from different distilleries and you can try many kinds of single malts which are not usually available. I am not a pure whisky drinker, but sometimes the subtle taste of peat is really enjoyable. The cocktails are also excellent; there are so many choices in the menu that I can always find something suitable for my taste or let the bartender make a special one for me. I prefer woody flavors with strong notes; my favorite is Boulbvardier Sad Manhattan because it is so refreshing and palatable. It tastes like sea water!

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11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
I have read this story in many different ways. The most reason famous one that comes to my head is that one with the MMA fighter. It is pretty crazy to think that this is not really that uncommon.

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