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No Old Fart, He’s Still Young at Heart: This 71-Year Old Wants Improved Erections for a More Satisfying Sex Life

Some might think he’s too old to have sex, but this self-proclaimed playboy isn’t ready to turn his back on love. Far from it – he still wants intercourse. His only obstacle is his penis, smaller and softer than what he enjoyed in his youth.
Case #: 1918

I am 71 years young with more than a little sexual experience. In the past, I was known for chasing and satisfying women. But what’s in the past doesn’t help me now – I still want sex despite my supposed “senior” age. My penis, on the other hand, doesn’t cooperate as well as it once did. I’m smaller than in my youth and don’t get as hard. I’d be much obliged if you could help this playboy enjoy a few more years of great sex.

For some reason, people believe physical intimacy is reserved only for the young. But who says you can’t enjoy sex as you grow older? Age is a privilege, and as such should afford pleasure to those who still seek it.
Still Able to Find Satisfaction

It’s true sex in your 70s will be different from your 20s, 30s or even 40s. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be enjoyed. In fact, a growing number of seniors are reporting improved sexual health and satisfaction. A study from the National Council on Aging revealed many seniors engage in sex at least once a month. Of those, most are as frequently gratified as in their early days.
What gives? The answer is likely a combination of factors, not the least of which is that senior couples take their time with each other. Neither partner is likely to race to the finish, to that mind-numbing moment of orgasm, when the body folds itself inside-out and time comes to an abrupt halt. They take their time and, if they’re lucky, find some humor in the fact that time puts all of us on the short end of the stick.
It’s Not All a Bed of Roses

Having said that, we’ll also say the sexual experience changes with age. You can chalk this up to wisdom, experience and – of course – physical differences. Women experience dryer, more brittle vaginas that don’t easily lubricate. Men, meanwhile, take longer to get hard and last just half the time. Their penises also shrink up to 2 inches by the age of 70.
None of this even broaches the negative frame of mind some seniors find themselves in when contemplating sex. Our society likes to mock the act of love between two older people, portraying men as physically inept and women as ridiculously randy.
The truth is aging can be hard to accept, so the best thing you can be is kind to yourself. Have patience when it comes to your erection – aging takes a toll on all organs, including veins through which blood must flow. This can make getting the necessary blood to your penis a little more difficult. Exercise will improve your frame of mind and also keep the blood pumping.
Does this mean a bottle of male enhancement pills should rest in every senior’s medicine cabinet? Absolutely not. Although effective, the long-term effects of these pills have yet to be determined. We therefore suggest you forego the risk and enjoy sex in a much more natural way.
The Alternative to Chemicals

We’ve established your penis is smaller and your erections are weaker. But all is not lost. An advanced botanical remedy made with natural herbs will help you recover size and erection strength. (TRY: Penile Shrinkage Reversal Formula) You just need to know the right combination of herbs to select.
Here’s some advice: look for ingredients like Deer Antler, Cucuta and Fo Ti. Each of these works with the body to reverse the effects of age. For instance, they amp up waning hormone levels and repair tissues damaged by masturbation and/or lack of nutrition. Herbs also improve blood flow to the penis and rejuvenate damaged nerve endings.
You don’t necessarily need to know all this – the effects of harder erections and more powerful orgasms will make themselves known once you have sex. Your partner will also appreciate these benefits as she remembers young people aren’t the only ones who can have fun.

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Advanced Botanical Penis Size Recovery & Enhancement
Between the ages of 30 and 70, men will lose an inch from their height. But that’s not the only size decrease, no, according to studies, men past the age of 70 will lose an inch or two in erectile length.

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