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Can A Puffer Become Pregnant?

Weed-loving woman is worried about infertility when she tries to begin a family. Does marijuana have a negative impact on female fertility? What can counteract that bad situation?

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The list of my favorite things all involve weed. My favorite number: 420. My favorite plant: Cannabis. Favorite food to eat: bud brownies. Heck, even my favorite songs all sing about smoking weed. But hey, my state is well on its way to legalizing medical weed, so I’ll be the first to get my weed card. And while I love marijuana, I, too, love kids. My husband and I want to have kids soon, but I am fearful that my past lifestyle choices may affect my chances. Will they?


Well, there are no conclusive studies linking marijuana usage to infertility, however, women who smoke do have a statistically harder time becoming pregnant. Ironically, young marijuana smokers have a very high rate of pregnancy! Unfortunately, it’s thought that by the time a woman hits her mid-twenties and is a regular marijuana smoker she will have built up such significant levels of THC that her body will begin having issues with procreation.

For some reason, THC seems to have a detrimental effect of both female and male reproductive systems in concentrated amounts. As with tobacco smoking, the byproducts build up in the uterus and cervical mucus. That means that even if a marijuana smoker is having sex with a non-smoking male, by the time his sperm pass through her cervix they will have been affected by the presence of THC in her body.

THC and Your Reproductive System

What exactly does THC do to reproductive systems? For females, exposure to Delta-9-THC caused retarded embryonic development, and also cases of the fertilized egg being retained by the fallopian tubes. Furthermore, even if an egg is fertilized and drops into the uterus, the body appears to reject it—potentially due to the retarding of the embryo.

The reason for both of these problems lies in the body’s natural production of endocannabinoids, which act as a sort of timing device for the fertilized embryo as it travels through the fallopian tube. Marijuana use can exacerbate levels of this substance, confusing the body and slowing proper development and release.

Interestingly, marijuana does the same thing to male sperm, eg. effecting their timing. The THC appears to affect them in such a way that they do not proceed at a normal pace, but instead speed out of control and don’t properly meet with the egg. Not only that, but high THC levels seem to negatively affect the front most cap of the sperm, making it difficult for ovum penetration.

Cleaning Your Cervix

So, with all that to worry about, how about some good news? If you increase your body’s ability to detoxify—both your reproductive system and your entire body—you will have a better chance of becoming pregnant. You need to remove the buildup of THC from your reproductive organs to stop influencing the ovum implantation and development, and your partner’s sperm. You also need to work on detoxification at the point when you ingest THC, that not as much may be transferred to your genital mucus and tissues.

I’m recommending a formula that’s actually designed to help women with excess vaginal discharge. (SEE: Herbs for Fertility Increase) I think it will help you because it’s made to strengthen the functioning of the liver and kidneys, and to increase circulation to the genitals—thereby carrying fresh blood and nutrients and removing the old. The best thing you can do is to stop smoking, but as I’m assuming that’s not an option, this solution should give you better odds. Best of luck!

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