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How Can I Get My Vagina Spandex Tight

Learn how a mother of five can get back her once lost elasticity.

Case #: 710


Hundreds of news magazines state that to keep your sex life alive and well, you and your partner need variety. And while he and I do keep things fresh, the problem of vaginal looseness continues to assail both he and I. I can hardly feel any stimulation; he, any pleasure. Before, I felt tighter than a plus-size woman in spandex. Now, I hardly feel any sensation as before. I guess after five kids, your body changes.

Still, I believe I can find some hope with your solutions and products. Can you please explain why a woman in her 40s, like myself, continues to experience vaginal looseness and moderate dry spells?


The one thing we all want as women in our sex lives, is to stay as tight as humanly possible for our partners. We dread becoming a loose goose, so we begin practicing kegel exercises as early as our twenties.

Vintage Vagina
In this particular case where neither man nor woman is getting any really good stimulation or friction, it might seem like their sex lives are unrepairable. . . But I'm here to let you in on some good old hope.

Baby Blues

I believe your problem has a lot to do with the previous pregnancies mentioned. Doctors say that there are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to your vagina returning to it's original tight fit after giving birth. Things like; the size of your baby, or the amount of children you've birthed naturally are big key factors.

If you did kegel exercises regularly after giving birth each time I'd say you were definitely on the right path back to tightness. But the truth is, after a woman has given birth vaginally, the vagina will become larger than before. This enlargement is caused by the relaxation of our pelvic floor musculature, and with each successive birth, these muscles lose their tone.

Work It Out

I would strongly suggest that you begin to do kegels immediately. A kegel exercise will help to tighten the perineal and will also restore some of the muscle tone that surrounds the opening of your vagina. If you've never done a kegel before, it's actually quite easy.

It isolates the same muscle that you use to stop and start urination. You'll know if you're doing it right if you can successfully stop your flow of urine when tightening the correct muscle. Of course you don't have to do kegels only while urinating, it's just a good way to test it out.

After Exercise

If you've ever gone to a well equipped gym, you might have noticed that they also have a juice bar or sell beverages that are high in vitamins for after you've got your workout in. It's not only about the exercise, it's also about diet. The same goes for our vaginas. Kegels alone will only bring back very minor tightening. If you really want the full tight feel to come back, you should consider a natural approach. With herbs such as Suma, Milk Thistle, and Tribulus (TRY: VRD formula for vaginal looseness), amazing sex is just around the corner.

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