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The Trouble With Arriving Too Soon: The Struggles of Premature Ejaculation

Are you suffering through premature ejaculation issues every time you become intimate with your partner? If so, it’s time to pump the breaks!
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I've always had a problem with getting too excited way too quickly. Sometimes I can control it, but mostly I'm just showing up ridiculously early for the party. Is there anything that can fend off my premature ejaculation?

Sex is great. . .I think we can all agree on that. What part about intercourse is the best, will probably be forever up for debate. Some might argue that the best aspect of sex is the incredibility intimate stasis that only two bodies can achieve.
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Others might enjoy just the sheer bliss of it all. Whatever one's favorite part may be, everyone usually puts a lot of pressure on the big payoff at the end. A man is filled with a certain kind of achievement and pride when he is able to make his partner orgasm.
Women feel the same when they are able to make their partners climax, however we also tend to enjoy the buildup. Unfortunately, things like premature ejaculation can severely get in the way of the windup and the pitch.
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Luckily, there are several, non-intrusive ways to withhold ejaculation during intercourse. Before you begin any type of ejaculation prevention method, you should first get a hold of your breathing practices. Some light meditation may help to control your erratic breathing that occurs when in a state of arousal. Short, quick breaths will only heighten the sensation and tension that causes an early ejaculation.
Ideally, you should first be able to avoid shallow, short breathing. These kinds of breaths will only speed up the heart rate and send you over the edge incredibly early. By spending as little as five minutes a day, deeply breathing in a nice full breath, and holding it for only about three seconds, you will greatly reduce your climactic reaction time.
Not to mention the fact that any form of meditation is incredibility relaxing, and greatly beneficial to anyone who utilizes the exercise.
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Once you have mastered your breathing technique, you will be able to move on to bigger ejaculation prevention practices. One of the most tried and true, being the Stop-And-Start method. (TRY: Stop and Start Technique for Ejaculation Control) This practice will require some real staying power, which is why it is a good idea to sort out your deep breaths first.
I would start this method off as a solo act as well. You may begin by masturbating alone, each time bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm. Just before you feel you are about to climax, stop.
Try to practice this several times by yourself without distraction before you try it out in the field. This will help you to understand where exactly your point of no return actually is. Once you are confident that you have mastered the method by hand, you may then engage in sexual activity with your significant other.

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Herbal Companion Stop-Start Premature Ejaculation Method

The Stop-Start Method is a form of training a man to control his ejaculatory reflexes. Similar to the Taoist Control Technique, it helps a man understand and measure his sexual sensations

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