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Your Guide to Female Infertility

The elation and joy of deciding to get pregnant and start a family can turn to despair after months or years of

attempting to conceive. The struggle and loss of hope take an emotional and physical toll, but fertility clinics carry the risk of drug side effects and invasive techniques, and should only be considered as a last resort after all natural methods have been exhausted.


Infertility is commonly caused by lack of ovulation, hormonal imbalance, damage to the fallopian tubes, and poor sperm quality (low sperm volume or viable sperms). Make sure testing is thorough and determine the real cause before treatment.
Most doctors agree that it’s best to first try natural methods, such as dietary changes, stress relief, acupuncture and herbal remedies to rebalance hormones and increase blood flow to the uterus. These help strengthen the body’s immune system - and improve changes of conception - without harmful side effects.

Diet Changes

“The Fertility Diet” (McGraw-Hill 2007) details Dr. Chavarro’s finding that bad trans fats interfere with ovulation in various ways, such as cell signaling and receptors that control insulin sensitivity, glucose metabolism and inflammation. His test on over ten thousand nurses trying to conceive showed how eating the high trans fat commonly found in junk food harms the chances of pregnancy.
Eating organic reduces exposure to pesticides in vegetables and artificial hormones in meat. Many pesticides contain estrogen-mimicking compounds and toxins that throw hormones off balance.

Avoid Gluten

The gluten in processed wheat and grain gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise, keep shape and stay chewy. Some women are unknowingly sensitive to gluten (celiac disease), and it can contribute to amenorrhea, reduced pregnancy rates or even miscarriage.

Stress Relief

Stress and negative thinking can lower the chance of pregnancy. Thoughts originate in the front of the brain and interconnect with the hypothalamus, and it, in turn, translates this information directly to the hormonal system.

Warm Your Feet

The bioenergy channels that run through the ovaries and uterus begin in the feet. Soaking them nightly in warm water will dilate blood vessels so less blood is needed to warm them. This allows blood flow to shift to the ovaries and uterus for better ovarian health and follicular growth. Add some essential oils to make it fun!

Natural Solutions

For thousands of years fertility formulas have been well documented by traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Amazon Matis Indian shamans. The formulas include herbs known to stimulate and improve circulation in the reproductive organs and are particularly effective when used with stress-reduction techniques.
Meditation, breathing techniques and yoga can all reduce stress, increase confidence and calm the body and mind. One of the key benefits of meditation is learning how to train the mind to replace subconscious negative thought patterns with positive channels, such as visualizing the happy loving baby soon to come!

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