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Getting Your Flow Back – Cock Ring Style

Here is a gentleman that is experiencing problems maintaining hard erections, and he’s only 42 years old. What can he do to improve his erection quality and overall sex life?

Case #: 1696


I am still young at 42 years old, at least I feel young and my doctor calls me young. In the past 2 months I have come to notice that my erections are weaker sometimes and I am not able to penetrate when I am having sex. If I am able to achieve penetration it won't last long enough to make love to my partner. It always seems to fail me and my erection just becomes really weak before the time my partner has an orgasm.


Men work hard. We put in more hours per day and work more dangerous jobs than women, and we also don’t leave work early in order to tend to little kiddos; we stay and take care of business. This can be good for job advancement and pay, but on the flip side there are several factors leading us to living shorter lives.

Since the modern man is always on the go, eating processed food such as junk/fast food is very common, which can cause high blood pressure issues. Working highly stressful and dangerous jobs such as deep sea welders, construction workers, and arctic fishermen, can result in men relying on anti-depressants in order to get them through tough times.

High blood pressure can wear out the body’s arteries and cause them to prematurely age, while anti-depressants can force a spike in serotonin levels which can numb the penis. If that wasn’t enough, many men turn to masturbation for stress relief and can come to rely on it like a crutch, jacking their meat multiple times per day and sexually exhausting their bodies of sex hormones and neurotransmitters.

Down a Dark Path

All of these factors can contribute to a man not being able to maintain an erection because of a lack of proper blood flow. In most cases, men can still get excited psychologically and trigger the arousal state (and pop a boner), but they just can’t follow through when things are just getting started. In more advanced states, as men start heading down the dark road of no return - the path leading to impotence - they may start to have problems even getting it hard enough for initial penetration. In these cases you better be ready for DEFCON 4 because your would-be sex partner is going to go ballistic with disappointment and you’re going to end up being extremely embarrassed.

Locked, Cocked, and Ready to Rock!

So you want to find a solution to you Mr. Softy problems huh? Well you can start by making sure that your body is getting plenty of rest by not masturbating too much. 3 to 4 times per week is pretty standard; any more than that and you may find that you are always tired because you are wearing yourself out.

The cock ring is a perfect example of a simple method by which a man can improve his erection quality. (SEE: Enhanced Erection with Cock Rings) Since men like tools, you can view this sexual aid as any other tool; used properly it can work wonders for a man’s sexual prowess since when worn, it can trap all of the blood flow within the penis. Used incorrectly, such as choosing one that is just a little too snug or wearing one for too long, can cause a loss of sensitivity and even injury and bruising.

So get back in the game with a powerful new tool for your belt, and keep your wiener from wonking out!

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