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Too Much Penis Play – Losing Your Hair & Your Ability to Pop Boners

This man has snagged himself a younger woman, who is pleasing him in all the right ways. But being that he is overweight, he fears he’s not returning the favor. What can he do?

Case #: 1858


My balding problem has been worsening over the months. So I started taking hair loss treatment products for a month. However, after a month, I cannot retain an erection. I know the hair product might have done some serious damage to my DHT receptors down there. But is there anything that can help?


“I’m losing my frikken’ mind…and my hair!” Tony said aloud to himself while staring in his bathroom mirror. He had dark circles under his eyes since he’d been working overtime at work in order to try to catch up on his rent, which had been late recently.

He’d made the mistake of spending too much of his money on his now ex-girlfriend, who’d left him a few months ago due to his inability to produce a proper hard-on. Now, he was struggling to make ends meet and on top of that he had a boss that screamed at him like some wild banshee on a daily basis. He was only 30 years old but he’d also begun to lose his hair which he chalked up to having too much anxiety.

All of the accumulated stress had driven Tony to seek relief in the form of frequent masturbation sessions. He’d also sought help for his hair loss and had been prescribed medication for it. Strangely enough, his hair seemed to fall out even more than ever. Could it have been a side-effect of the drugs? Tony didn’t know but suspected as much.

A Desperate Stress Reducer

Just as Tony peers into the mirror and wonders what is happening, so do many men fixate on their thinning hair issues. Many men also seek solace in masturbation in order to ease the intense feelings of insecurity, stress, and hopelessness.

Unfortunately, for most men this can have exactly the opposite effect – it can cause further complications and exacerbate an already disastrous situation, and here’s how...

After age 25, men’s testosterone, DHT, HGH, and DHEA levels naturally begin to ebb. Activities such as over masturbation can cause a man to exhaust these factors and reduce their production. Hair loss medications can inhibit your DHT receptors and eventual destroy your body’s testosterone-DHT conversion, constricting your penile arteries and leading to having a soft noodle of an erection, since not enough blood can engorge it.

All Blown Out

Meanwhile, too much masturbating can lead to the release of too much cortisol into the body, creating a constant fight or flight state. This further reduces testosterone, HGH, and other growth factors, causing epinephrine and prolactin levels to spike, restricting blood flow further throughout your body, including your scalp.

All of these detrimental factors can lead to accelerated hair loss and having a penis which resembles a saggy water balloon more than anything else. So what is one to do about all of this?

Put the Penis Down

Since excessive masturbation is at the crux of your self-imposed problems, try cutting it out of your life for a while, at least until you take care of your unwanted symptoms. This can help your body to initiate its self-healing mode.

Most men need extra help in order to recover however, and that’s where taking an all-natural healing solution comes in. (TRY: Natural Herbal Hair Loss Restoration Formula) The properties contained within these herbal mixtures can greatly reduce the amounts of cortisol and glucocorticoids in your body, while also boosting your liver function and helping it to prevent DHT from bonding to your hair follicles.

“What about My Weakened Wiener?”

These remedies can also help to naturally inhibit your body’s conversion of testosterone to DHT, causing a drop in DHT, and a rise in testosterone. This can help you to recover faster from sexual exhaustion and its associated symptoms (such as a weak erection). So invest in yourself and get your hair (and your sex life) back on track!

What to do

Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth

Improve hair growth by eliminating DHT buildup. If you have been masturbating for years, Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth can help regrow your dead hair follicles.

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