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My Vagina Exudes Air Making a Farting Noise

Giving birth to four children has rendered changes to her body that include loose vaginal muscles. This looseness is more pronounced than ever and causes her vagina to embarrassingly expel air during sex.

Case #: 481


When I stretch, my vagina exudes air, making a farting noise. This noise occurs often during sex. My OB/GYN says that I have no problem. He has said that my vagina’s anatomy has changed because of childbirth. I did not have this problem until after my third child. It is more prevalent now after my fourth child. I am 32. Please help. My husband doesn’t care but it is quite embarrassing.


Childbirth causes vaginal muscles to stretch and weaken, and loose muscles are among the most common signs of an aging vagina. Age, in this instance, refers not to chronological years but to wear and tear of the vagina. That wear and tear cause excessive clitoris skin, which produces vaginal farting. This farting is the air you feel coming out of your vagina during exercise and sexual intercourse.

What is Vaginal Farting?

One of the primary purposes of the clitoris is to give pleasure, but this body part also helps support vaginal muscles. Excessive clitoris skin increases the frequency of vaginal flatulence – a condition caused by weakened vaginal muscles that expand and allow large amounts of air to enter the vagina. The entrance of air is common during physical activities like exercise and sexual intercourse. Once the activities are finished, the vaginal walls collapse and expel the air.

Vaginal farts differ from anal farts because they release air only from the vagina; the latter release air that was swallowed or trapped inside the body. The former are also odorless but no less conspicuous.

Vaginal Farting Common in Many Women

Nobody likes to talk about vaginal farts because they are embarrassing, but they’re also quite common. Current data suggests 10 to 20 percent of women are afflicted, although this estimate is likely low because so few women discuss the ailment. The best news is that vaginal farts do not point to serious health conditions.

Evidence of treatment for a noisy vagina dates back to 1550 B.C., and in 440 B.C. women were dangled by one leg to relieve the condition. Vaginal farting was then poorly understood and even today produces conflicting evidence in studies. One clear aspect, aside from the embarrassment, is that it puts women of some ethnicities at social disadvantages. In Iran, vaginal farting can interfere with a woman’s religious practices and impede marital happiness.

Put an End to the Embarrassment

Preventing vaginal farting is easier than you might think, and you can start with exercises that strengthen pelvic muscles. Squats build core strength and can be easily performed at home. Yoga and Pilates similarly strengthen pelvic muscles and tighten vaginal walls.

You can also restore vaginal strength with a botanical tincture, which infuses plant compounds with alcohol to create a drink rich in nutrients. Tinctures can be traced to at least 3000 B.C. and are recommended for a variety of ailments. Specific herbs like Dong Quai offer gynecological benefits, and when mixed in a tincture with other herbs, allow you to free yourself of embarrassing vaginal farts.

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