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He was ready to go. Then, something went wrong…

We were fooling around all this time I had an erection that was hard as a rock… as we were putting the rubber on I lost my erection and it wouldn’t stay hard.

Case #: 26550


The other night, I was with a friend and we were fooling around. I had an erection that was hard as a rock. I have been taking the Yohimbe Bark Extract. But before sex, I had taken a couple of aspirin for a headache. As we were putting the rubber on, I lost my erection and it wouldn't stay hard. What’s up with that?


Your body must produce a testosterone burst and burning to support your erection. Sure, Yohimbe extract can help your erection, but without the hormonal burst during sex, you may end up sweating a lot and experience loss of hardness. Sweating is a symptom of overdosing your body with Yohimbe when you experience deficiencies of HGH, DHEA and testosterone. Sweating indicates that the nervous function changes from parasympathetic to sympathetic. Most pro-sexual and pro-sport dietary supplements and erectile drugs have this problem in common. It is a pro-dopamine supplement without the acetylcholine action (parasympathetic function) that results in increased activity of the adrenal medulla that increases production of the stress hormone adrenaline (epinephrine). As a result, your erection will go limp or premature ejaculation will occur. This is what we call "Fight or Flight" (erection withdrawal or ejaculation). This is a problem typical among middle-aged men.

These formulas follow the traditional Taoist principle (or Chinese Medical Concept) - Promoting Yin (acetylcholine action -parasympathetic) to assist Yang (the Dopamine-nonadrenaline(norepinephrine) action - sympathetic) and at the same time, reducing the stress hormonal production and blocking the adrenaline receptors. They will elevate your HGH, DHEA and testosterone to workable levels, which will keep the nervous functions in the parasympathetic mode during sex.

Overheating of the liver results in a thirsty mouth or smelly breath upon waking up, or even in a sore throat. When the liver is overheated, it loses its ability to provide enzymes or coenzymes to synthesize amino acids and good cholesterol that helps DHEA, testosterone and Nitric Oxide (the erection mediator NO) productions. People tend to overload the liver with dietary or sport supplements. A weak liver will also convert testosterone into estrogen, a process called “Aromatization”.

Herbs from the Botanical Remedies For Weak Erection Restoration can help your body to produce sufficient Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and testosterone with balanced estrogen while powering the cardiovascular, liver and nervous functions. This formula rejuvenates body functions, but not just for sex. It is also an anti-aromatization and contains many nutrients that keep the prostate healthy. It kills chronic pains and cramps of the neck, shoulders, back, lower body, groins, joints, low abdomen (PMS), and tailbone. It is very effective to resolve Intercourse/Orgasmic pains and cramps.

When stress hormones flood the body, the production of HGH, DHEA and testosterone will significantly drop and there will be a deficiency of DHEA and testosterone in the hormonal receptors and the tissues to fuel the flexibility and strength of muscles, joints, and ligaments. Of course, you won't expect an erection problem when you don't have insufficient testosterone and DHEA to charge your parasympathetic nervous system. So, people under stress will experience pains or cramps in the body, particularly the neck, shoulders, lower back, groins and legs, as well as a loss of penile erection.

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