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She has only used her vibrator 3 times, but afterwards has begun having an oversensitive feeling in her clitoris. Has she scarred her clitoris? Will it always be like this? How long will it take to heal?

Case #: 1277


Hi! I just recently bought a vibrator and I used it like 3 times. Not very rough at all...and felt great afterwards. Anyways, a few days later my clitoris had a tingling feeling in it. I have feeling in my clitoris (no numbness) but still some pain down below…or a kind of over stimulated feeling in my clitoris. I was crying for days thinking I had damaged my clitoris; does that sensation stay like that permanently if it was caused by a vibrator? How long does it take for it to heal? I'm just a really emotional person and I'm just really scared. Can it heal on its own if I give it a few weeks with no stimulation?


No, you haven’t done permanent damage to your clitoris. It sounds as though you’ve simply over stimulated the nerves, and now you’re experiencing the backlash of that. It’s similar to what happens when your foot falls asleep and then wakes back up, where it’s almost unbearable to move your foot.

Too Much of a Good Thing

You hyper-stimulated your clitoral nerves and essentially made them “fall asleep”, by maxing out their capacity. Then, a few days later, your nerves began recovering sensation and started relaying signals back and forth from the brain. This is the oversensitive quality you’re experiencing. Don’t worry; you will soon be back to normal.

Everyone’s Different

I often recommend women to not engage in regular vibrator usage. Vibrators are fun, and can be useful, but seem to create more issues than enjoyment for many women. Not only that, but because the vagina and clitoris have so many discrete facets to them, one women could have a completely different reaction from another, and be completely terrified, whilst another could have a lovely and pleasurable experience.

I think it’s best that in your instance you’ve stopped using your vibrator. If you are someone who worries a lot, or is, as you say, very emotional, it’s best to do a lot of up front research before you begin playing with something that can have negative repercussions. You’ve learned the hard way that vibrator usage for you results in a scary, unpleasant side effect. But you haven’t scarred your clitoris forever.

Safe and Sound

The recovery period for this type of injury shouldn’t be more than one week at most. Your body is simply responding to an over eager application of force. Continually stressing your body in this way will result in your scarring the area around your clitoris and giving your full clitoral numbness from vibrator damage.

Try to keep from stimulating your clitoris until you feel that the oversensitivity is gone. If you need the clitoral attention, try to keep it light and teasing rather than hard and rough. Certainly, these affections should be administered with your or your partner’s fingers.

You can help restore your clitoris to normal by beginning an herbal supplement. This supplement will also help to prevent such a reaction in the future, although at this time it’s impossible to tell to what degree. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Regeneration) It contains herbs that stimulate circulation—very important for you at this time—as well as herbs that reduce inflammation and encourage nerve growth. This formula will have you clit back and better than ever. Please, stop stressing!

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