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This Workout Doesn't Work

A guy wants to increase the size of his penis, and he has chosen an all-natural, inexpensive solution: Jelqing. The problem is that his penis has expanded unevenly and he wants to maintain an even girth. But there may be more going on than he knows. What might that be? Read on, get the facts, and find out for yourself.

Case #: 841


Hi, I’ve been doing an exercise that enlarges the penis. It is called Jelq. It’s basically like milking the penis. It gets bigger because of blood being forced into it and stretching it. I have gotten it bigger but now it is fatter near the head than at the base. What should I do to make the base fatter?


It is, perhaps, one of the defining characteristics of mankind that we are easily dissatisfied with what we have. Be it the amount of money in our paychecks, the size of our houses, or even something a simple as the color of our hair, we will often pursue the most improbable things to change about our lives or ourselves. And it's a rare guy indeed who has never even thought about making his penis a little bigger.

Temptation, Frustration

From emperors to beggars and every social classification in between, there have been rumors and legends of ways to do exactly that. Most of the ideas that worked stayed as closely-guarded secrets by their discoverers. But that doesn't stop the rumors, or the toys.

More often than not, trying to make your penis thicker or longer or both will leave you with temporary success at best, usually with long-term losses, because most “solutions” are based on faulty data or out-and-out ignorance about how the penis really works.

Reality Hits Where It Hurts

The fact of the matter is that because of how the penis works, it is flat-out impossible to safely and permanently make it bigger by working from the outside inward. Vacuum pumps draw more blood into the penis but cannot affect the valves that naturally keep it there, and can result in significant damage to various parts of the genitals. Likewise, exercises like jelqing can easily be performed incorrectly, or too often; this page offers an overview on how to do it properly. Exercises that threat the penis like a muscle simply cannot produce the desired results because the penis does not work that way.

In your specific case, you have fallen victim to improper application of the technique. At a guess, you may not have been applying the same amount of pressure along the entire length with each and every stroke. You may also have neglected to use a lubricant or cream on your hands to improve micro-circulation. You may have discovered previously-undiagnosed injury to your penis and made it worse through improper application. Or you may have simply overdone it, as the technique is functionally identical to masturbation.

To The Rescue!

Like enlarging it, repairing a damaged penis works best from the inside outward. You should discuss the situation with your health-care provider, to monitor your current condition and to help keep track of your progress or decline.

Aside from maintaining an appropriate exercise regimen to maintain your natural testosterone levels, you will need to increase your body's ability to manufacture various hormones like prostaglandin E-1 and E-3, and chemicals like nitric oxide. Your smartest move is to use an all-natural supplement designed specifically to help repair the damage affecting your penis while enlarging it safely. (SEE: Penile Injury & Damage Repair) If you wish to use exercises to assist the process, you must find ones with documented medical research supporting them, such as ballooning or X-Spot Massage.

Above all, you must allow all your solutions to work at a pace your body can handle, so you can monitor the effects and make small adjustments more easily than large corrections later on. Excessive and improper jelqing is what created the problem; don't make it worse by failing to follow the directions for the solution.

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