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Penises, Headaches and Pain, Oh My!

Hear one young man's story of severe headaches and lower back pain...all caused by over-masturbation. If these aches and pains sound familiar, read on, and find out the causes and solutions.

Case #: 675


I've been having a lot of headaches and back pain and I read on your site that those are sometimes the symptoms of sexual exhaustion. I've always masturbated since the age of 12 (19 now), usually one time each day. Lately I've been extra horny and have increased my masturbation to two or three times a day. All of a sudden, I started noticing the back pains, followed by headaches. Any connection?


In today's society, it's difficult not to be “extra horny.” Every time we look at a television screen, glance at a billboard or click on a Web browser, we're bombarded with sexual images. It's as though the world has turned into one great big orgy, and while that's pretty cool from a male standpoint, the resulting sexual tension can be a real nightmare.

Masturbation is a lot of fun; there's no question about it. But bear in mind that the more compulsively you do it, the more you'll feel compelled to do it. So take it easy on the joystick.

If you're experiencing back pain, there may definitely be some sexual exhaustion at work.

At 19 years old, you should be in your physical prime. You shouldn't be experiencing the aches and pains of getting older, because for all intents and purposes, you ARE the fountain of youth. So assuming that you haven't experienced any traumatic injuries, like an auto accident or sports injury, we can conclude that your chronic masturbation may be to blame.

What Do Your Penis, Your Back and Your Head Have in Common?

On the surface, it seems nonsensical that masturbation could contribute to headaches and lower back pain, but trust me, there's a science to it. When you achieve an erection and enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm, your body is forced to release a slew of hormones and steroids, such as DHT.

Additionally, when the deed is done, your body releases a muscle-relaxing chemical known as prostaglandin E2. When you constantly masturbate, your body loses DHT and produces too much prostaglandin E2, and this imbalance has an inflammatory effect on the body. You may notice lower back pain and other soreness.

As if that wasn't bad enough, your body also depletes important neurotransmitters, like GABA. Without an ample supply of GABA, your body creates excess cortisol, which locks up the pituitary-adrenal and testicular function and leads to massive headaches. To summarize it all in simple terms, your body hates you, and it wants revenge (not really).

Getting Rid of the Pain

Okay, so we can throw fancy words around all day, but that doesn't really solve our problem here, does it? The good news is that you can reverse this damage even if you can't actually pronounce the word “prostaglandin.”

The key is to reduce the presence of those inflammatory chemicals, and to restore your important hormones and neurotransmitters to optimal levels. How do we do that? I would recommend an herbal remedy containing Rehmannia (SEE: Herbal Tincture for your lower back problem & sexual exhaustion symptoms).

This natural plant has been shown to combat the inflammatory chemicals that cause discomfort due to over-masturbation. OH, and you might also want to cut back on that activity as well, even if it means taking a cold shower from time to time.

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