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Poppy-Cock – Helping Him Delay His Cum

A concerned wife contacts Herbal Love about an issue that her husband is having. He’s cuming too fast when they get involved in some hanky-panky and she wants her old man back, the one that used to be able to last longer. Let’s see what’s at hand here...

Case #: 1588


My husband has been having a problem that is really bugging me when we have sex. We are still very much attracted to each other so I don't really know what the problem is. His problem is that he comes too fast. We have talked about the situation but he feels inadequate and he can't fulfill my needs. It is very frustrating for me and sometimes and it makes me feel really angry and upset. I know this is extremely selfish behavior but I can't help feeling this way. We talk about everything and he knows how I feel about it and he doesn't do anything about it. What's something easy he can try so he can take care of this premature problem? I want him to be able to last during sex.


I was recently talking to a friend of mine who plays a lot of video games. He mentioned one horror game in particular that he described as being “so super-scary” and what not, and went on to talk about certain facets of the game which make it unplayable past a certain point.

Weeeee! Goes the Pee-Pee!

Now, I consider myself to be a pretty manly man, I served in the military, I work out, etc., and so in the back of my mind, I was saying: “Hmmm…right. I could play that game without any problems.”

Then I’d heard that another mutual friend of ours, who is pretty similar to me in terms of being more of the macho type, had tried to play it and couldn’t last beyond ten minutes or so.

That was it!

Of course now I just had to try playing this game, and so purchased a copy. I waited until dark, turned off the lights, and put my headphones on (as it’s meant to be played). The whole time I was saying to myself “Yeah right, I’ll just blow through this game,” up until the beginning title sequence began. Something about it was just off. From there things became even creepier until around the ten minute mark when I found myself literally terrified. I turned the game off in abject defeat and astoundment.

What happened? Well, my threshold for the terror that the game presented was too low to be able to bravely march ahead. Similarly, a man’s penis can have a sensitivity to physical stimuli that is low in comparison to his fellow man. This can result in embarrassing premature ejaculations, just as I had to eat crow and am taunted to this very day by my friend about that scary video game.

To compound the issue further, if a man keeps experiencing this problem (persistent ejaculation) and feels as though he has humiliated himself time-and-time again, he may also begin to suffer from performance anxiety. This is where he can feel as though things will never get batter, he’ll never be able to please his partner, and so worries about it excessively. So how can we fix this totally treatable issue?

Chillin’ Things Out, Naturally

With the help of powerful botanical remedies, your husband can take this issue head on and overcome (no pun intended) his premature ejaculation problems. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Controlled Nerves & Ejaculation) These special herbal mixtures can not only help to delay “cuming” by rejuvenating and strengthening his parasympathetic nervous system (the valve which controls his seminal fluids), but they also contain calming properties which can greatly reduce any performance anxiety issues. Additionally, they can reinforce his ejaculation reflex arc, which can help him hold back longer, as well as halt pre-cum leakage.

Many men are reporting success with these potent herbs, and your husband can be next-up. Help him get back to the raging sexual beast that you married!

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