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She’s Hot and Horny for Sex but Needs to Firm Her Aging Vagina

This mother of three is no shrinking violet in the bedroom. She admittedly loves sex and, when her husband isn’t around, achieves satisfaction by masturbating. But she’s experiencing problems with her vagina. Namely, she has unexplained wrinkling in her vaginal lips and wants to restore tightness to her loose muscles.
Case #:1314

Hi there. First off, I love your website, it is great. I am a mother of three starting at the age of 17, and they were all natural births. Ever since my third child, I have had sex with my husband at least once every week. I masturbate when he is not around to have sex. I know, I am a really horny housewife. Anyway, I have started noticing flattening and wrinkling in my vaginal lips. Is there anything to do to strengthen this particular area and enhance my firmness to tighten my vagina?

The vagina is an extraordinary organ that often gets overlooked with regard to female health. It is designed to do much more than you might think – it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria to control disease within the body, expands and contracts to facilitate penetrative intercourse and naturally expels toxins through discharge.
It’s therefore no wonder this organ ages with time. The key is that it ages separately and differently from the rest of the body. A svelte 40-year-old woman with a taut stomach and trim thighs can frankly have a vagina that looks much older. Before you think this phenomenon suggests a woman is promiscuous or enjoys vigorous sex, rest assured it doesn’t. The vagina ages only as a result of two factors: time and childbirth.
An In-Depth Examination of the Aging Vagina

Few women realize what the vagina really is: a tube-shaped organ consisting of muscular ridges, mucous membranes and nerves. At rest, the vagina’s muscles remain tightly closed like a fist. One of the few times this organ expands is during sexual arousal – increased blood flow and natural lubrication help it increase in size.
But contrary to popular belief, this expansion does not permanently loosen the muscles. Rather, the vagina returns to its normal size soon after sex. Like a rubber band, the muscles stretch and contract because they were made to do so. Humans would not be able to procreate without this natural ability, meaning the body helps facilitate intercourse and childbirth.
The subject of childbirth raises an interesting point. This is one activity that can permanently stretch the vagina. After one birth, the muscles return to normal with perhaps just a slightly noticeable looseness. Multiple births, however, fatigue and strain vaginal muscles until they cannot snap back into place. This contributes to the looseness about which so many women complain.
The Toll of Time

The other factor with an aging vagina is time. As a woman matures, her hormone levels naturally decline. One that’s crucial to vaginal health, including firm skin and tight muscles, is estrogen. This hormone is made primarily in the ovaries, which slow their reproductive functions as early as age 35. By the time a woman reaches menopause, her hormone levels have waned considerably. For the vagina, this can mean loose and wrinkled lips on the outside as well as slack muscles on the inside.
In addition to estrogen, the chemical known as prostaglandin also helps maintain a tight vagina. Prostaglandins are formed from fatty acids and can be found in most organs of the body. They are not created in a central location and then carried by the blood to their destination point, but are instead manufactured in the place where they are needed. But prostaglandin production also slows as a woman ages, thus contributing to vaginal weakness.
Reverse the Hands of Time

Just because aging is an inevitable part of life doesn’t mean you have to live with a loose vagina. You can return this organ to its previously firm and lush state by taking an herbal supplement. (TRY: Vaginal Detoxification & Restoration Remedy) But don’t ingest just any herbs – you need a formula with ingredients like Suma and Milk Thistle. The medicinal properties of these and other herbs can improve blood flow to the vagina and naturally restore taut muscles. They also stimulate the production of prostaglandins so your vagina again feels like its once-youthful self.

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