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Red Yeast Rice for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Having trouble getting or maintain an erection?  

Before you start asking your physician for erectile-enhancement drugs, maybe you should ask your physician for a blood test. Why? Because one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is elevated cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol, a fatty material found in blood vessels, accumulates and restricts blood flow not only to the heart, but the penis. A good, long-lasting erection depends on adequate blood flow. If blood flow diminishes, a weak or non-existent erection may occur.  In addition, high cholesterol may inhibit testosterone production that may lower your sex drive and response to sexual stimulation.
Regain Control
If you have found that your cholesterol is elevated, there are many methods available to get your cholesterol levels under control. Diet and exercise is probably the preferred method since this would be the healthiest, most natural way to control cholesterol levels.  

Prescription medications are also effective for decreasing blood cholesterol levels, however, many people do not want to take prescription medication because of the unwanted side effects.  
Many people are in favor of herbal remedies for treatment of such conditions and Red Yeast Rice is a wonderful tincture for effectively lowering blood cholesterol levels.  
Current Research
Currently, there is much research being performed to evaluate the efficacy of Red Yeast Rice as a modern-day treatment for lowering cholesterol. In a study performed by Dr. David Becker of Chestnut Hill Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine evaluated 62 patients who were unable to tolerate prescription medication for treatment of high cholesterol for various reasons. 31 patients received 1,800mg of Red Yeast Rice two times a day for 24 weeks and the other 31 patients received a placebo two times a day for 24 weeks.  

Surprising Result
The results showed that the group receiving Red Yeast Rice lowered blood cholesterol levels by 43mg/dl from the beginning of the study through week 12 and by an additional 35 mg/dl from week 12 through week 24.

With what the Chinese culture has known for centuries and what we are finding out today in research laboratories across the country, we can acknowledge that Red Yeast Rice has proven to be an effective remedy for lowering blood cholesterol levels and improving erectile capacity in men.

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