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Her Vaginal Juices Begin To Change To A Thicker And Stickier Sensation

Jennifer Grenburger is over the age of 40. She’s enjoyed a healthy sexual lifestyle. But now, her vaginal juices are not the same as before. After the age of 40, the vaginal juices begin to change to a thicker and stickier sensation, which explains Jennifer’s lack of satisfaction in the bedroom and heightened risk for infection.
If Jennifer’s vaginal mucus continues to decline, the mucus membranes found within will become infected. If she were 15 years younger, her body could create the right pH balance, free of sperm, spermicides, lubricants and other toxins.
But age, poor diet and even consumption of birth control pills ruined the chemical composition inside her body. Now at the age of 46, Jennifer experiences redness, irritation and itching of her crown jewel.
Symptoms of Yeast Infection
A few weeks ago, Jennifer saw thick, white discharge exuding from her vagina. She fingered antibiotics as the cause, but her use of douching, soaps, bubble bath, lotions and birth control could have contributed to the issue too.  But what Jennifer felt was a common yeast infection. She felt the itchiness beset her body, while the clumpy, white discharge leave a pungent scent. But good thing Jennifer didn’t ignore these symptoms.
The majority of yeast infections, like those Jennifer and millions of other women have felt, are caused by Candida Albicans, a fungus naturally found inside the vagina in generally small amounts. When the pH balance in the woman’s body stays level, the amount of Candida Albicans is normal.

However, when something upsets the balance, it can lead to an overabundance of yeast or yeast infection.
Natural Solutions
Jennifer did some research. She found some help. And she bought some herbal remedies to clear up the problem. While she easily could have bought an over-the-counter drug, she discovered that these products often have unwanted side effects.

Instead, a dosage of Wild Mexican Yam, Ashwagandha and Rehmannia can relieve the swelling that comes with the condition. And thanks to both Ashwagandha and Ligustrum, women can experience a boost to their immune system.
The combination of all of these herbs will help to eliminate the body of free radicals that can lead to a yeast infection. They will eliminate the pain, redness and swelling as well as the discharge, which will allow women to enjoy a normal sex life again and feel great.

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