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Mental Exhaustion - Headache After Sex

“STOP, honey, my head…..”
Sudden headaches can interrupt the joy at the hottest part of sexual activity.
Headaches are a common ailment often caused by medical conditions. If headaches are not caused by a disease or other medical conditions, they are categorize as Primary Headaches, such as tension headaches, migraines and cluster headaches. Secondary headaches are caused by medical related conditions, such as neck injuries, strokes and sinus infection.
Sexual headaches are headaches brought on by sexual activity, including intercourse, oral sex, masturbation and orgasms. About 1 in 100 people develop a sex headache at some point in his or her life, and men are 3 times as likely to get them than woman. People who are already prone to headaches tend to grapple with sex headaches more than others.
There are two types of sex headaches: abrupt and slow-to-build headaches. Symptoms of an abrupt headache include a throbbing or stabbing pain without warning, often occurring within a few seconds of an orgasm (about 70 % of cases), while a slow- to-build headache often begins
as a dull ache on both sides of the head that builds up over a matter of minutes before an orgasm (about 25 % of cases). The ache may cause tightening of the neck and jaw muscles and intensifies as sexual excitement increases. Most sex headaches last about 30-minutes, others may linger for a few hours.
To date, the best explanation is that the sex headache is due to muscle contraction and / or blood vessel dilatation in the head and neck during intimacy. Increases norepinephrine and decreases of serotonin and endophine also contribute to the cause of sex headache.
Diseases related to sex headaches include high blood pressure, sinus infection, coronary heart disease, anemia and glaucoma.  If you have a new, severe headache during sex it may require immediate attention because it might be a rupture of blood vessel. Other factors to consider include alcohol intake, food and beverage consumed in the six hours prior to sex, the size of pre-coital meal, low blood sugar, birth control pills usage, marijuana  intake, and lack of sleep.
If the sex headaches are not caused by illness they mostly are harmless. But frequent sex headaches associated with disturbance of blood supply to the brain, interrupt the balance of brain hormones, and affect the neurotransmitters production and activity potentially resulting into memory loss.
A research paper published in the Journal of Headache and pain (2004) that studied 50 women and 21 men affected by chronic headache with different diagnoses underwent tests in order to evaluate both short- and long-term memory. Up to 56 % of headache patient showed worse performance than normal subjects. The percentage of the subjects with memory difficulty was higher in women and in patients with migraine-type headache. Researchers concluded that a complex neurotransmitter disorder might account for impairment of both short-term and long-term memory in headache patients.
What can you do to help eliminating sex headache?

  • Treat any illness related to the headaches—Hypertension, high brain pressure and heart disease increase the chance of rupture of blood vessels in the brain.
  • Avoid heavy alcohol or recreation drugs taking—Alcohol and drugs increase stress hormone, decrease serotonin and endorphin affect the size of blood vessels and circulation.
  • Eat relative small portions of food prior to having sex – Heavy meals induce high insulin secretion, resulting in low glucose level in the blood.
  • Slow down — Do breathing exercises before sexual activity to decrease the heart beats and stress hormone secretion. Practice more on foreplay.
  • Changing sexual positions – Standing up instead of lying down or stay under instead of on top.
  • Relax –Taking a more passive role during sex.
  • As a rule of thumb, protect your brain and mind not being injury by eating healthy diet, exercising regularly and taking brain supplements can help to prevent memory loss, particularly you are a headache suffer.

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