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His Stress Is Keeping Him From Sex, By Causing Him To Blow It With Every Girl! How Will One Anxious Guy Solve His Premature Ejaculation Problems?

He can’t stop cumming too fast. When he’s working solo, there’s no problem, but as soon as there’s a warm body on the other end of his penis, he can’t hold out. He has no idea how to solve the problem, and is at the point of giving up on ever having sex with women. What’s the solution?
Case #:2090

I can’t stop myself from ejaculating too quickly! This is never a problem for me when I masturbate alone, but as soon as I’m with a woman, I can’t stop worrying about what’s going to happen! Nothing I do seems to prevent me from cumming, and it’s making me too nervous to even pursue women any more. Please help!

It sounds like you’re psyching yourself out of a good time! While it might sound a little dismissive as an answer, it’s really not an unusual problem for a young man (or any man!) to have. It’s not a simple case of mind over matter, but rather the negative impact of your mentality on your manhood. It’s an easy fix, once you understand what the problem is.
Stress Push

Every time you hop into bed with a woman, and subsequently begin worrying about how long you’ll hold out, your body starts pumping out a hormone known as cortisol. Interestingly, both your number one man hormone—testosterone—and this detrimental ejaculation promoter—cortisol—are produced in the same part of the body: the adrenal gland. They’re even both created from cholesterol, which might have you wondering if maybe there isn’t enough of it to go around, and you ought to add a little fat to your diet.
Throwing a Wrench in the Works

Let me stop you there, before you reach for a quarter-pounder with cheese. While cortisol’s impact on testosterone levels is one of the reasons stressed out dudes often suffer erectile dysfunction, it’s not the reason you’re leaving a lackluster impression on your lovers. Your problem stems from what cortisol is actually doing to your body, rather than how it’s behaving with your other hormones
Cortisol constricts blood vessels, and increases blood pressure, in an attempt to get highly oxygenated blood to where it needs to go in the body. In fact, cortisol is the precursor to the fight-or-flight syndrome; thus, it modifies several functions of the body to help it to optimally respond to the perceived danger. Part of this modification includes shutting down most of the reproductive system.
Down and Out

The excitatory nature of vasoconstriction to the penile blood vessels, which respond erratically when randomly crimped and released, causes your body to assume that there are abnormal happenings afoot. The body’s idea in such a stressed-out state is to get the semen where it needs to go, as quickly as possible, and then move on to a safer place—one that will hopefully offer an end to the anxiety you’re experiencing. What you’ve got going on right now is your body responding to a “Mayday! ” signal with, “We’ve got to drop the load and get out of here!”
Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s a hard thing to overcome on your own, with such strong bio-signaling, so I recommend beginning an herbal supplement that was formulated to help men in just such a predicament as your own. (TRY: Passion Flower for Premature Ejaculation Relief) It’s full of antioxidants, and functions both as a hormone stabilizer—so you don’t start exhibiting symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well—and as a relaxant for penile muscles and blood vessels. Even though you might not feel stress-free, with a supplement like this, at least your penis will be calm enough to last you as long as you need.

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