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Wet Dreams are the Only Way She Can Reach Orgasm

She reaches climax only during sleep, when she has nocturnal orgasms. Neither sex nor masturbation produce the same result, probably because she admittedly has “inhibitions” about sexual activity.

Case #: 977


I can only orgasm when I sleep. No man has ever made me orgasm. I know I have a lot of inhibitions during sex, but even if I masturbate, I still cannot orgasm. What is wrong with me?


Although a higher percentage of males than females experience nocturnal orgasms, plenty of women also have what is known as wet dreams. One study from 1986 revealed that 85 percent of women had wet dreams, and many other women become aroused during sleep without reaching orgasm. None of this is cause for worry because it’s perfectly normal. What’s not normal, however, is being unable to reach orgasm during sex or masturbation.

What is a Wet Dream?

Dreams are the result of subconscious activity in the mind. That activity is flurried and, more often than not, partly composed of remnants either seen or heard throughout the day. Given the fact that humans are sexual creatures, it’s not surprising that dreams are often highly erotic.

A wet dream is nothing more than an orgasm that occurs during sleep. Dreams can cause you to become spontaneously aroused, and some women sleep right through their nocturnal climax. Others wake just at the point of orgasm and finish naturally or by masturbating.

It has been suggested that wet dreams help maintain healthy sex organs. Men have multiple erections each night that promote blood flow to the penis and stimulate healthy tissue growth. The same can be said of the clitoris and vagina: during arousal, blood flows to these organs until they become engorged. This keeps them strong for reproductive and sexual functions.

Learn to Enjoy Sex

Speaking of sexual functions, the clitoris was designed for pleasure. Its counterpart – the G-spot – is located inside the vagina and also intended to bring a woman to orgasm. But it can for various reasons lose sensitivity, which means you won’t be able to climax even if it is stimulated. Overuse of vibrators, age and birth control are but three reasons why the G-spot becomes numb.

Sometimes, however, the inability to climax is a result of psychological – not physical – causes. You stated you have inhibitions about sex, and these can stem from any number of places. If you were taught during childhood to be chaste, you may feel sex is a “naughty” act. If you’re uncomfortable with your body image, you may not be able to relax enough to enjoy sex. The relaxation factor is key when it comes to intercourse. You must feel aroused before you can reach orgasm.

Experiment with Masturbation

One of the best ways to learn your body and what feels good to you is with masturbation. Again, you’ve suggested you don’t orgasm during self-pleasure, but taking the time to explore your body can help you climax and make you feel more comfortable during sex. It’s important, however, to not over-indulge so you don’t further desensitize your nerves.

Before you masturbate or engage in intercourse, set the mood so you’re more at ease. Play some soft music, light a few candles or read an erotic book. The goal is to help you understand that sex is normal and healthy. You have nothing to be ashamed of, nor should you feel guilty about the pleasure sex brings.

Rejuvenate Your G-Spot

While taking care of yourself mentally, you also need to do something for your physical well-being. An all-natural rejuvenation formula blended with herbs like Shilajit, Muira Puama and Catuaba can heal damaged nerves. (SEE: G-Spot Revitalizing Herbal Formula) They work together to increase sex drive, improve nerve sensitivity and boost blood flow to the genitals. The result will be a sensual experience like you’ve never before had, and you’ll learn to let go and orgasm effortlessly during sex.

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