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Penises and Pre-Cum – Overcoming Dick Drainage

This case study is concerned with a gentleman who, although he has no problem popping a stiffy, has been noticing some fluid leaking from his penis, even while he’s just engaging in sexting with his girlfriend. How can he hope to take care of this embarrassing issue?

Case #: 1429


I am glad to say that I get erections fairly easy. I can get them when I want them or whenever I get aroused. I have noticed that even when I am texting some erotica to my girlfriend I get erections. There is one problem...I noticed that my penis started to leak. The semen seems to be very thin as well. Is there a way to stop this leak? This is quite embarrassing, especially when I am with my girlfriend.


Today’s society is one that is full of a myriad of stressors. The pressure to conform and fit-in at school, getting along with co-workers that you might not necessarily be too fond of, having to be aggressive in order to prove to your superiors that you deserve a promotion (or these days just to keep a job), and relationship issues such a divorce can all affect people in negative ways. Some people cope by eating the wrong sorts of foods (and too much of them) which can result in high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Embarrassment: “That? Oh…That’s Just Water…”

Others might practice unsafe sex routinely and contract STDs, and still others might over masturbate as a way of relieving stress and anxiety which can turn them into “masturbation zombies” where they enter a severe state of sexual exhaustion. Alcoholism and drug addiction are more prevalent than most people would like to admit, and smoking is still huge in many cultures around the globe. What do all of these issues have in common? They can all lead to heavy-duty hormonal imbalances and the depletion of neurotransmitters and sex hormones crucial to a healthy sex life, including the ability to become erect as well as control over one’s seminal fluids.

What happens is that as the body becomes less able to replace vital resources, due to a weakened immune system, the liver’s ability to detoxify one’s system, and/or disharmonious hormonal levels. This can cause the main valve which controls and holds back both your urine as well as your seminal fluids to become compromised. You can think of it as a water balloon with holes near the bottom. Every time that you go to re-fill it, once the water crosses the level of the holes, it leaks out. So how are you to patch up those holes and regain control over your ability to cum when you want to?

Plugging the Holes

Chinese herbalists have been using herbal remedies and mixtures to treat numerous dysfunctions and disorder for thousands of years. Today’s modern society has allowed for the cross-pollination of cultures and their practices and customs, many of which are beneficial if one only looks for them. With the advances in information technology, you don’t even have to leave your home or office, and have to walk through Chinatown or other cultural districts in order to gain access to their particular positive nuances, you can just jump online. We live in truly exciting times!

With that in mind, it’s time to consider reaping one such benefit and that is the power of ancient botanical solutions in order to combat those embarrassing spontaneous emissions. (SEE: Chinese Herbal Remedy for Wet Dreams Relief) These mixtures can help to boost your liver’s bio-energetic level, thereby increasing its ability to rid your body of impurities, as well as restore and strengthen your immune system. Other benefits include helping to repair your parasympathetic nerves, allowing you to regain control over your ejaculatory nerves. All of these factors can lead to rejuvenating your body’s resources and providing you with the ability to hold back your ejaculations once again. So invest in yourself and get started on the road back to a healthy life.

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