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The Humiliation of Dribbling

It happens too often. You’re engaged in sex play with your partner, and throughout the activities, you notice what appears to be seminal fluid dribbling from your penis. It doesn’t make sense; you’re not even close to cumming. It’s humiliating. It’s as if you have a leaky penis. But what causes it? And what can be done to treat it?
This “leaky penis” is actually the premature emission of seminal fluid, AKA “pre-cum”, during foreplay or masturbation. Maintaining a hard erection requires the constant consumption of energy in the form of biochemicals such as nitric oxide and neurotransmitters. This process can result in sexual exhaustion that is often due to excessive masturbation, wherein men may have damaged themselves by weakening the parasympathetic nerves that control their ejaculation valves.
In cases of sexual exhaustion, a severe depletion of hormones, growth factors and nutrients occurs, weakening and abrading the penile nerves. Symptoms include excessive pre-cum, urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder. Sure, everyone experiences a little bit of urine dribbling after peeing, but in these extreme cases the dribbling never ceases.
The involuntary pre-ejaculation leakage often looks like small dribbles or droplets of clear liquid that is sticky to the touch. It is a definite precursor to premature ejaculation. Needless to say, it may be the cause of fear and anxiety in a man experiencing it. Rightly so, as it’s not an issue that will take care of itself - medical attention may be required for what is, in fact, a medical condition.
Leakage may initially be brought on naively by insecurity over the ability to maintain an erection. This emotional dilemma can adversely impact a man’s sexual functions. The struggle can actually cause latent damage (as the production of pre-cum indicates). This in turn overextends the prostate gland and trains the pelvic muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak.
Any one of a number of other factors may lead to seminal leaking and premature ejaculations, as well. Over-masturbation or ejaculation; psychological disorders; drug or alcohol abuse; long term smoking; STDs; high blood pressure; and hormonal imbalances (such as low levels of thyroid hormones) all may contribute to the condition.
What is not often recognized is the fact that excessive masturbation depletes HGH, DHEA, acetylcholine, GABA, and serotonin – all essential growth factors and hormones that are needed for the development of the sexual nerves. This leads to the weakening of the nerves that control the ejaculation valve. The penis starts leaking and its erections become weaker and weaker until eventually even the treasured ‘morning erection’ is lost.
Therefore, these symptoms become all the more damaging, as a firm erection is necessary to overcome seminal leakage. Luckily, the quality of an erection may be improved by feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones that can strengthen the ejaculate valve and help maintain control over leakage.
Testicular stimulation and rejuvenation in the form of moderated Testicular Massage, plus the intake of natural herbs, can increase testosterone and nitric oxide production in men, thereby strengthening the parasympathetic and caudal sexual nerve, inhibiting the dribbling until it ceases completely.
One can gain an advantage in the fight to overcome the problem of dribbling due to sexual exhaustion, if a change of habits is implemented. The adoption of a new state of mind that supports the reduction of excessive sexual practice will greatly enable a man to make the necessary progress. Herbal remedies such as the Seminal & Bladder Control Secret Formulation For Him are always available as ammunition for the battle, ready to help any time.

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