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Herbal Solutions for Poor Erection and Premature Ejaculation

Excessive sexual activity and over-ejaculation leads to anoverproduction of stress hormones. These activities deplete essentialgrowth factors and cause adrenal fatigue, including a loss ofejaculation control.

What It Is Formulated To Do:
  • Improve semi-hard erection while eliminating premature ejaculation
  • Strengthen nerve ending of ejaculatory nerves for better ejaculation control
  • Naturally increase testosterone for firmer erections
  • Stimulate rapid production release of Nitric Oxide to counteract venous leaks
  • Reduce prostaglandin E2 

Excessive masturbation creates an inadequate reservation of testosteronerequired to power an erection throughout sexual intercourse, resultingin both unsustainable erections and uncontrollable ejaculations.

Formulated To Fix Premature Ejaculation & ED Based On These Healing Herbs:
Fix E.D. and P.E. Together

Herbs in this formula can help restore or balance the reduction ofdopamine for conversion of adrenalines and stress hormones. The solutioncan too reverse the chronic elevation of epinephrine and prostaglandinE2 that results in severe damage to the parasympathetic nerves behindejaculation control. Herbs in this formula can restore the restrainingpower by producing adequate amounts of testosterone to maintain haerections for longer periods of time.

Nacre (also known as Zhen Zhu Mu) is often used in

Chinese Medicine to calm the nerves for a more restful sleep, to reduce anxiety attacks, and to cure premature ejaculation and seminal leakage. Arecent discovery found that Nacre has an abundance of calcium carbonatthat can be rapidly polymerized when interacting with dopamine to serveas a neuro-like chemical for improving ejaculation disorders.[1]

Flatstem Milkvetch Seed (also known as Sha Yuan Zi)

contains lots of distinctive beta-sitosterol and fatty acids that mightbe responsible for decreasing total peripheral resistance around thepenile tissues while calming the parasympathetic nerves.[2]

Cuscuta (also known as Tu Si Zi) contains many vital

natural compounds, such as beta-sitosterol, d-sesamin,9(R)-hydroxy-d-sesamin and d-pinoresinol that can increase the firmness and fullness of erectile tissues. In an animal model, researchers have demonstrated that Cuscuta can increase Nitric Oxide production and intra-cavernosal pressure inside the penis to ensure a prolonged erection [3][4]

Curculigo (also known as Xian Mao) has been the focus of attention for many sexual dysfunction researchers. Hyperglycemia and diabetic patients have difficultly maintaining an erection due to damages of various endothelial tissues and nerves in the penis. Recent research of an animal model on a hyperglycemia-induced mouse (designed to simulate a diabetic condition) has produced promising results.

The animal model has illustrated that Curculigo has many benefitsthat include, enhancing penile erections, increasing sperm count and enriching seminal fructose content in sperm.[5]

Once proper production of growth factors, neurotransmitters and nitric oxide are restored, the penile arterial inflow will be sufficient enough to counteract the venous leak. A combination of these botanical sources in a synergic proportion can overcome premature ejaculation, venous leak and increase erection quality naturally, without side effects.

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