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Naughty, Naughty: He Lies to His Wife to Hide His Erectile Dysfunction, but the Truth Is Bound to Reveal Itself

When he moved out of his marital bedroom and into a separate room, he lied to his wife. He blamed the move on her snoring, but he secretly suffers erectile dysfunction and is too embarrassed to admit it. It’s already been six months, and he’s worried she’ll discover his façade. He needs a quick remedy but isn’t willing to take prescription medications.
Case #: 2078

I’ve been married just seven years and already sleep in a separate room from my wife. I told her she snores too loud for me to get any sleep, but that was nothing more than an excuse. I have erectile dysfunction and am too embarrassed to tell her. She thinks I’m too tired for sex, but in reality I cannot get hard. But it’s already been six months, and soon she will know something else is going on. I’m afraid to go to the doctor – I don’t want to take a pill with a bunch of side effects. This is why I’ve turned to you. I need a natural remedy so I can drop the façade and have a real marriage.

In a marriage, you’re expected to behave a certain way and reveal certain things. So, if you’re absolutely determined not to tell your wife about your erectile dysfunction (ED), you need to act quickly. Otherwise, she will start to question your motives and perhaps doubt the sincerity of your love.
Sex and Marriage

We’d like to start by saying you cannot have a romantic relationship without sex. You might think you can, and perhaps you’ll get away with it for a little bit. But over time, the lack of intimacy will drive a serious wedge between you and your wife.
To really understand the importance of sex, you need to understand the changes it brings to the body. First is the anticipation, which in and of itself releases chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. Then the act of making love is the height of tenderness. At no other time are two people more connected, both mentally and physically.
Orgasm brings the most profound changes to the body. Chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin flood the body. Each is equally important, but oxytocin is the “cuddle” hormone. It makes you want to bond with your lover again and again. Sex brings great physical pleasure, but it also forms an emotional bond that goes deeper than skin-to-skin contact.
Buried in Shame

The inability to have sex is often accompanied by shame. You already admitted you’re too embarrassed to talk wither either your wife or doctor about your problem. But talking can help you and your lover heal together. Talking also opens previously-unexplored paths in your marriage. In many ways, the words that come out of your mouth are the doors to intimacy – so watch what you say but don’t close the door.
If you’re still not convinced, know that talking about ED will make it seem less threatening. Right now, you carry a burden that probably feels like a 500-pound weight on your shoulders. About 30 million other men worldwide carry this same weight. Consider what would happen to all those marriages and romantic relationships if each hid in shame.
Know the Facts

Men experience ED for a variety of reasons. Some have hormonal imbalances, some are overweight and some are too stressed to perform in the bedroom. The problem of ED has become increasingly relevant since the 1990s, at which time it was believed to be a natural affliction of older men. But research suggests one in four men under age 40 also experience ED, and no longer is this condition considered a normal part of aging. It isn’t, and if you’re healthy enough for sex, you should be able to enjoy it well into your 70s and 80s.
Return to a State of Hard

You already know it’s time to correct your ED – the only question is how. It’s true prescription medications pose a host of unsavory risks that seem to offset their benefits. But don’t worry, we’re not going to force a chemical-laden pill down your throat. What we have to recommend is completely natural and as effective as it is efficient.
We’re talking about an herbal remedy that contains Cnidium. Known as a natural aphrodisiac, Cnidium helps younger men counter the effects of ED. It directs blood to the penis for hard and powerful erections that lead to satisfying sex. (TRY: Cnidium for Full Erection Potential) This blood flow is indescribably important; during a normal erection, veins and arteries in the penis fill with blood and then close so the penis stays hard. Hence, Cnidium helps your body accomplish what it’s naturally meant to do.

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Cnidium: Helping with Erectile Capacity

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