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Magnum Force to Derringer – Excessive Masturbation Leading to Misfires of the Penis

In this case study we find a young man who has been engaging in excessive masturbation and is now experiencing not only premature firings of his fluids but also a reduction in penis size. What is he to do to combat these unwanted side-effects?

Case #: 856


I am 25 years old and suffer from depression. Also, I suffer from premature ejaculation and an undersized penis (5 inches). From reading your website, I suspect this has to do with too much masturbation which began at a young age. I want to eliminate premature ejaculation, and ultimately, to enlarge my penis. Which of your products should I take? Any advice you could give me on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Many Americans are obsessed with firearms, and one of the most cherished pastimes associated with these weapons is going to the range and firing them. At any given pistol range you can find people side-by-side, aiming and squeezing off rounds at targets, happily jolting back and upward slightly from the shock caused by bullets leaving their chambers. Some shooters see their pistols as phallic symbols; the bigger the better. Let's just imagine for a moment that you were going to the same range over and over every day for a week and that on the first day you showed up with a massive .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol. Everyone who saw you was impressed with the sheer size of your firearm and how you handled it, hitting the target every time.

From Bang to Bust

But then the next day you showed up with something slightly smaller and didn't have as much control over it, causing a misfire. This progressed each day until by the end of the week you were holding a little pea-shooter with a hair-trigger; even placing your finger near the trigger caused it to go off and miss the target completely.

Engaging in masturbation too much (over masturbation) without adequately resupplying your body with the required nutrients to rejuvenate itself can cause plaque deposits to build up and block the entrances to your interconnected penile blood chambers. This can cause not only smaller erections, but over time a smaller gun to play with. In addition to that, when you overstimulate your parasympathetic nervous system you can cause damage to it; resulting in it not being able to control the valve which holds back your semen. This is causing those unwanted misfires that you're suffering from.

Is there a healthy solution to these issues?

Re-discover Your Inner Dirty Harry

Sure there are. Taking a break from sexual activity including masturbation is a good start. Giving your body a rest for a few weeks will allow it to start to heal itself. But if you'd really like to help your body repair itself quicker, there are some natural botanical remedies that are available.

Some of these herbal mixtures can help to dissolve the plaque that is blocking your penile blood chambers and help them to become more elastic. (TRY: Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Control) This, combined with special penis ballooning techniques (non-harmful) can really see an improvement in your penis size.

There are also natural supplements which can help to not only repair your parasympathetic nervous system and allow you to regain control of your ejaculations, but also alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression which all contribute to this problem as well.

So take a break and break the cycle; get back to your sexual potential and hit that target every time, on time!

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