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They Said To Always Be Early—But I Cum Way Too Early

A gentleman who is only 36 has been having problems keeping his sperm locked and cocked,and his wife is really not having it.What can he do to get a better hold on his ejaculation control?



Hello,my age is 36 and I have had a problem all my life with ejaculating early.My friends told me that it would go away the more I had sex and as I got older but that proved to be wrong.I have constant sex with my wife and I am not able to last more than 2 minutes and it leaves us both really dissatisfied.I want her to have a good time because she's my wife and to enjoy this marriage.I am afraid this might end if I don't fix this problem.Please help.


Young Wilmer stood in the middle of the street with his father’s six-shooter tucked into his waistband as the sun started to turn red in the late afternoon haze.Sweat began to trickle down his brow,and wiping it,he looked over at Wilma who smiled at him with what was left of her teeth.He stood in in middle of the small town’s main street across from a mysterious drifter who had offended some of the local townsfolk,and now they had charged Wilmer with defending their collective honor.

It didn’t matter that Wilmer was a farmer with his father’s gun,and that people didn’t consider him the sharpest tool in the shed,nor that Wilma was rumored to be closely related to him even though they had been dating.He would show everyone now!

As a hawk screeched overhead Wilmer clumsily drew his pistol and because of its oversensitive hair-trigger,it went off early and shot him right in his own foot.As he hopped around on one foot,the drifter casually holstered his own pistol that he’d quickly drawn and sauntered into the nearby bar for a whiskey while slapping Wilma and her large arse.


Shooting off too soon sound familiar?Well it can for many men who have early discharge problems.There are many causes for this,from men having weak pc muscles to high blood pressure,or just simply being in a state of constant stress due to work or a failing relationship.These factors can result in men embarrassing themselves and infuriating their lovers who are left without an orgasm of their own.So how do you rebuild your ability to hold back?

Re-chambering Your Pistola

You’re wielding a fleshy pistol with a hair-trigger;your penis has a mind of its own and thinks it can shoot off whenever it darn well pleases.Maybe it’s time to drop it off at the gunsmith shop in order to have it repaired.

Using a desensitizer(available in lotion and spray forms)can put an end to your early shoot-offs by inundating your penile nerves endings with specialized properties that calm and sooth them.Men have reported that after applying these natural formulas they can start to experience a degree of numbness within 15 minutes or so.This allows for them to not only engage in sex for longer periods of time with their partner,but also build up their sexual endurance and really work it out for extended periods of time;sexer-cise style!

So invest in yourself and reclaim your sexual prowess;you never know what you’re missing until you

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