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Excessive Masturbation Triggers Sexual Exhaustion Symptoms

Chronic over-masturbation results in sexual exhaustion symptoms: lower backache, knee cracking, buzzing ears, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation

Case #: 354


As a teen, I enjoyed masturbating. I explored my body without constraint —and boy did I explored it. Now, I think I my excessive exploration has lead to my current predicament: backaches, knee problems, buzzing ears, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

As a married man, I wish to continue to please the wife. However, my weak, often unsustainable erections keep me from having sex. Each time my wife and I are about to have sex, my erections are either non-existent or unsustainable. Aside from my erection trouble, I cannot even control an ejaculation during sex. As an experienced man, I feel ashamed of myself. A few strokes in, and BAM---I explode into an orgasmic mess of embarrassment.

If my premature ejaculation problems and weak erections were not enough, I too suffer from constant ear ringing and blurry vision problems. All day I hear an exasperating buzzing sound in my ears, while my vision is plagued with constant squiggly lines. Please, help me!


Teens are curious individuals. They like to explore. They want to touch and see how their bodies work. And yes, they sometimes overindulge in these actions. Your constant exploration as a teen has caused a common condition called Sexual Exhaustion. Men, more often than women, are affected by this condition that causes the above-mentioned symptoms, e.g., blurry vision, back problems, and erection issues.


Sex and exhaustion seem like an odd pair. Sex is fun. How can it be exhausting? If anything, sex is reliving. Sex is entertaining. Sex is…amazing! Despite its amazing, relaxing, entertaining qualities, sex can exhaust the body to a point of inflammation.

Sex is a stressful activity. May not feel like it, but the body releases stress hormones during the act. The primary stress hormone released, prostaglandin E-2. Prostaglandin E-2 helps relax muscles and improves their recovery rate after excessive use. When overproduced, prostaglandin E-2 can damage tissue, nerves, and joints. Damage to these body parts can cause bodily pains and miscues, i.e., back pain and knee inflammation, premature ejaculation issues, and weak erections.

The Body Chemistry

During sex, the body produces androgen hormones, i.e., testosterone and estrogen. When the individual ejaculates/engages in too much sex, these androgen hormones become depleted. When depleted, the body releases excess dopamine too, a necessary chemical needed to maintain sexual arousal. High levels of dopamine overproduce epinephrine (adrenaline) and lead to an increase of flight-or-flight stress hormones, such as cortisol, prostaglandin E-2, and norepinephrine. The high levels of stress hormones cause the pituitary glands and testicles to go haywire, leading to body inflammation and low levels of hormones.

Getting Back to Normal

As mammals, sex is of utmost importance. For your marriage, sex too can keep problems at bay. Recovering from sexual exhaustion will take discipline and commitment on your part. You’ll have to be disciplined from the desire to masturbate/engage in intercourse. You’ll have to commit to abstinence for a while to allow the body to balance itself once again. Aside from proper body chemistry, you may want to take all-natural supplements to speed up the recovery process and rejuvenate your damaged sex organs.

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