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Dating an Older Man: Things to Consider

He’s successful, handsome and experienced—except he’s a few (or many) years your senior. Sure, women find success, looks, experience and confidence attractive, traits that lead a gal to date an older man.

For men, a younger lady seems innocent, carries less emotional baggage and typically does not hold insecurities about her body. While the silver fox may find the match ideal, a lady—especially her peers and her family—may notice some differences and dislikes about older men. If you found your silver fox, you may want to be aware of a few differences.
The Differences Age Makes
Love Is Ageless; Looks Are Not: Your love for him may never fade, but his looks eventually will. He may have a few gray hairs now, but in a few years, he’ll have plenty more. If you’re committed for the long term, expect a few signs of wear and tear.
Mileage= Breakdowns: The more miles you drive your car, the more repairs you’ll need. As he ages, he’ll notice these miles affecting every aspect of his life: weight, heart health and sex. He may win the genetic lottery and ward off weight gain and certain health ailments, but most men don’t get so lucky. Expect to see a higher cost of maintenance the older he gets.
Acting Like Your Father: A common complaint some gals experience with older men is a man’s desire to act like a father. He’s more experienced and knowledgeable of the world, and some men feel these traits give a man the right to act like your father. Not all older men exhibit this attribute, but some will.
Disapproval: Depending on your and his age difference, you might earn the disapproval of other people. Your friends may voice their discontent, while your family especially will remain vocal about your decision.
Generational Differences: He may belong to a different generation, and this disparity will create a variation to his values, taste in music and entertainment. He may not like going to the clubs or watching your favorite sitcom, so prepare to understand and accept the differences.
As you embark on your journey with your older partner, you may overcome these differences, or you may discover that your man is better suited for someone else. Whether you stay or leave, you’ll face a few obstacles and notice a few disapproving eyes while out in public.

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