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He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Himself, Now He’s Feeling Broken And Experiences Penis Pain From Self Abuse at Twenty

He’s a young guy, but his penis has already gone ‘round the bend. It hurts when he tries to masturbate, but not always. He’s masturbating every day, but isn’t having sex, so he doesn’t know what the cause of his pain is. What could it be?
Case #:2043

I just turned twenty, but I’m worried I’ve done something to my penis. Most of the time it’s ok, but a lot of the time I get some strong pain when I try to masturbate. It’s like my penis has to fight to get hard, then it hurts every time I touch it. I masturbate every day, and I would say it only hurts every couple days or so. I haven’t had sex, so I don’t think it’s an STD. What’s going on?

You can actually do damage to your penis simply through masturbating too much. It seems amazing that too much of a good thing can cause you pain, but that’s unfortunately the situation here. Your body uses and produces so many chemicals during the process of arousal to orgasm that there is a large possibility of you having disrupted one or more of these circuits. The disruption is what’s causing your pain and discomfort now.
Stressed Over Scar Tissue

Continually masturbating will tend to cause a stress reaction, due to the repetitive nature of the motion. Any repeated action has to potential to create scar tissue, especially in such a highly vascularized and sensitive organ as the penis. The second that scar tissue develops—while you might not have noticed it—you will begin having issues with pain and difficulties with erections. Your body has to fight to pump blood around a constriction of the blood vessels, and if you continue to touch the inflamed portion of your penis, it will begin to produce unwanted chemicals inside the body.
Pain Production

I think your pain is caused by one specific byproduct in particular—prostaglandin E2. This compound is formed by an onsite reaction between two chemicals: cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2. COX-1 is normally situated within the body, however, during a pain reaction, inflammation occurs when the tissues at the point of injury produce COX-2, binding together to create the reactionary prostaglandin E2.
This prostaglandin can cause further scarring, inflammation, and bruising. The inflammation compresses blood vessels, resulting in a cramping sensation that occurs as the penis attempts to engorge. The bruising imparts tenderness to the entirety of the penis, and, while it might not be visible on the outside, the inner portions of the penis could have sustained severe bruising over time.
R & R

What you need to do now is to take a break from masturbating, or cut back to an extreme degree. Continuing to manipulate your penis will result in your erections becoming even more difficult to achieve, and more frequently associated with pain. I also highly recommend that you begin an herbal supplement formulated to heal penile damage and restore pleasure to what has become a painful activity. (TRY: ViaPal-hGH-O for Erection Pain Relief)
Herbs to Hand

One remedy in particular contains a number of soothing, restorative herbs, including Nettle and Avena Sativa. Whilst encouraging penile health, it also improves positive hormone production, which will help your penis to remove the prostaglandins from the site of injury and allow you to once again experience pain free erections. Maca, Cistanche, and Yohimbe, will serve to improve your hormonal function, while Ginseng will purify and detoxify your entire genital area and promote healthy blood flow for optimized healing.
Don’t continue to destroy your most sensitive parts! Take a break and allow your body to heal and recover. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be back to your normal self.

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