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Perils of a Tilted Uterus: This Organ Causes Painful Sex for a 28-Year-Old Mother of Three

She had her tubes tied after giving birth to her third child seven years ago. Now she experiences abdominal pain during sex and is afraid she’s pregnant. The real culprit is a tipped uterus, but an herbal formula can help restore her to a healthy state.

Case #: 701


I am 28 years old and had my tubes tied, burned clamped, after my third child at the age of 21. I am now feeling very bad pains in my lower stomach. I started my period on August 24 and finished August 29 or 30. I had sex with my boyfriend and now I have really bad pains in my stomach where my uterus is. Please tell me that I could not be pregnant, and if I am, what do I need to do?


It’s unlikely you would be pregnant after having tubal ligation, a process in which the fallopian tubes are blocked so an egg cannot travel to the uterus for implantation. This surgery also prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg and is therefore considered highly effective.

Any discomfort you experience during your period is likely a result of the procedure; painful periods are common side effects of tubal ligation. However, the pain you experience during sex is the result of a tipped uterus.

Explaining the Uterus

The uterus is the womb, and it resembles in both appearance and size an upside-down pear. Its primary functions occur during pregnancy, when it nurtures and nourishes a developing fetus. This hollow organ is also crucial to the stability of a woman’s pelvic region: it separates and supports the bladder and bowels and also keeps the pelvic bones and other reproductive organs in place.

The location and position of the uterus make it unique in that it is connected to both the vagina and clitoris through a complex network of nerves. That network also includes vessels that promote blood flow to the genitalia. This flow is crucial not only for overall reproductive health, but also for orgasms.

As a woman matures, the uterus typically moves from a slightly tilted backwards position to one that is tilted slightly forward. When seen from the side, this organ resembles the letter p. A variety of circumstances, however, can cause the uterus to remain tilted back, including genetics and childbirth. Although it may seem unlikely, this organ plays a prominent role in overall pelvic well-being, including healthy sexual responses.

Tipped Uterus and Painful Intercourse

The end of the uterus becomes the cervix and connects to the back of the vagina. This is why sex is sometimes painful for women with a tilted uterus: it can be hit by the tip of the penis during penetration.

Despite its weave of blood vessels and nerve endings, the uterus is not a sexual organ and does not emit feelings of pleasure. But it can cause serious pain, the kind that wraps around your abdomen and leaves you avoiding sex. The term for this pain is collision dyspareunia, and its prevalence among women means you’re not alone.

Vaginal penetration is not always the source of pain when it comes to sex. Because the nerves that extend throughout the pelvic region are all connected, even clitoral stimulation can be painful for a woman with a tipped uterus.

The pudendal nerve in particular extends from the clitoris and enters the interlocked connection of nerves in the uterus. A uterus that’s tipped might receive signals differently than a uterus positioned normally and thus cause pain during orgasm. Such discomfort can interfere with intimacy and even lead to relationship problems.

Promote the Health of Your Uterus

Despite all this doom and gloom, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer through the side effects of a tipped uterus. An herbal formula with specially blended ingredients can balance your hormones and also repair damaged tissue in and around your vagina and clitoris. Ingredients like Dong Quai and Black Cohosh also promote blood flow to the genitalia (FORMULATED: Female Restorex Plus Formula), which in turn will strengthen these organs and improve sexual sensitivity. The result will be pleasure during sex rather than pain, and your orgasms will be more fulfilling than ever before.

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