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Dumpster Crotch – Penile Funk Caused by Yeast Infections

Jordan lay out on the beach with his cocktail in hand, soaking up some sunrays which were causing heat waves to rise from the white sands. He’d just started his own business and had been alarmed by his highly favorable 3rd quarter earnings, so he gifted himself with a short vacation in Mexico. As he imagined himself driving down the street in the shiny new car he planned on buying once he returned to the States, his thoughts were interrupted by a sexy young Mexican waitress who brought him another drink. They looked at each other flirtatiously and he started thinking about approaching her later after he was done sun-bathing. He had already slept with one of the girls that worked at his hotel the very first day he’d arrived and he started reminiscing about the fun he’d had with her. That was when he caught the first whiff.
Is That Dead Fish I Smell, Or...
There seemed to be something that smelled like rotten fish coming from somewhere but he couldn’t quite place it. Scanning his surroundings he spied a garbage dumpster next to a nearby restaurant which was overflowing with rubbish. Standing up, he walked further toward the ocean and picked a lounge chair to sit in; surely he wouldn’t be able to smell the stench now he thought to himself. He was just taking another sip of his giant Mai Tai when the stench hit him again. This was impossible! He quickly glanced around for any dead fish carcasses and saw none. Then he noticed the direction that the gentle breeze was blowing from which indicated that the smell was coming from somewhere very close by. Following the awful smell it became apparent that it was emanating from his groin region.
Looking over both shoulders to make sure that no one was looking, he quickly took a look at his genitals and noticed some redness on his penis head as well as what appeared to be some yellowish fluid leaking from his urethra. His heart fluttered in fear as he tried to figure out what it might be. He’d had smell problems with his penis before but it had turned out to be from bad hygiene, and was easily cleared up by taking some natural supplements. These weren’t the same symptoms.
The next day he flew back home and consulted his physician, who told him that he’d contracted a yeast infection, probably from the hotel girl he’d slept with while not using protection.
Yes, men can get yeast infections as well, although for some reason it isn’t discussed as much as women’s matters. For men, this can occur when bacteria and fungi grow on the penis and is more likely to occur when one has a compromised immune system, such as with having diabetes, or while taking certain antibiotics. It can also be transferred sexually as in the case of our poor friend Jordan. So what should one do when these symptoms show up?
Goodbye Fishy Dick
Someone exhibiting signs of penile pain and discomfort and/or yellowish discharge coming from their penis should consult a doctor. Barring it’s not an STD, it could be genital candidiasis or yeast infection and here are some tips for helping to alleviate the symptoms:
  • Wash the penis thoroughly with warm water, and avoid using perfumed soaps and hair products which can cause further penile irritation
  • Fully dry the entire genital region – this deprives the fungus of the warm and damp environment that it requires in order to thrive and grow
  • Wear loose fitting all-cotton underwear and avoid retaining both semen and urine in them since those can only serve to make the groin more germ-laden
Also, medical drugs such as antibiotics can further erode your immune system and cause your stink problem to worsen; this is where taking a powerful herbal mixture can help. (TRY: Herbal Penis Smell Removal Formulas) These ancient botanicals can help to alleviate dead skin cells, and transudated oils, which contribute to the accumulation of a cheese-like substance around the penis called smegma. They can also boost pH levels and restabilize metabolic factors which can lead to the elimination of any foul penile odors.
So invest in yourself and get back to a stink-free life!

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