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She is Over-Stressed and Has the Vaginal Discharge to Prove It

She has her hands full with work and three children. The stress she feels from so much pressure is in fact the culprit behind her vaginal discharge. To restore balance to her life and body, she needs to manage – not eliminate – stress. Aromatherapy will affordably help her do that in the comfort of her own home.

Case #: 779


I find myself stressed out. I work two jobs and support three kids – all by myself. Because I work so much, I don’t have time to date, a good thing because of my current problem: vaginal discharge. I see myself constantly worried about making my payments on rent and putting food in my kids’ stomachs. And because I cannot afford to go to the doctor due to high costs, I am hoping an all-natural solution can cure my problems.


Stress is a tricky part of life; a little ignites energy and creativity, but a lot takes its toll on health. Females are especially vulnerable because of challenging work and family obligations. Even women without a continual flow of stress are likely to experience many different situations that collectively create anxiety.

The mental effects of stress are obvious: a woman feels rushed, irritated and flustered as she tries to juggle multiple responsibilities. Physical effects are less visible but can cause more severe damage. Poor digestion, decreased fertility and higher risk for heart attack and stroke are among the most significant consequences. Excessive vaginal discharge is another effect, one that seems unlikely but makes its impact on the female body nonetheless.

Understanding Stress

The body’s first response to stress is the release of adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline escalates heart rate, blood pressure and breathing to prepare for physical action, if necessary. Cortisol helps a person feel alert – think of the “flight or fight” response – and stimulates the flow of oxygen to the brain. These chemicals ultimately sharpen senses and improve response time when a person is faced with pressing situations.

But the role of cortisol is much more complex than to merely supply food to the brain. It suppresses non-essential systems – like digestion and reproduction - to direct blood flow and tissue repair to those that are crucial – think cardiovascular and respiratory. The chemical is intended to benefit, but its presence during chronic stress keeps the body in a constant state of defense. Too much cortisol wears a person down until her processes are anything but regular.

Vaginal Discharge and Stress

The connection between stress and vaginal discharge is not completely understood. One theory suggests cortisol triggers the release of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for producing vaginal discharge, which under normal circumstances works to cleanse the vagina and stabilize its pH levels. But higher hormone levels lead to excessive discharge that causes discomfort and interrupts routine activities.

Stress also interferes with the vagina’s natural environment by suppressing immune functions. It inhibits the body’s ability to counteract unhealthy bacteria with those that are healthy. This triggers the production of more discharge in order to stabilize the vagina’s environment and restore bacteria to normal levels.

The Psychological Impact

Most women are afraid to discuss vaginal discharge because they feel embarrassed, ashamed or even guilty. Society generally accepts the fact that imperfect vaginal health is the fault of the woman for reckless and/or casual behavior. But the vagina is delicate, meaning any number of things can throw it off balance. Secretion is therefore nothing to be ashamed of and does not donate a female as promiscuous or riddled with disease.

Lower Stress and Return to Normal

It is impossible in today’s world to eliminate angst. A much better alternative is to simply manage stress, and aromatherapy helps you do just that. (SEE: Aromatherapy for Stress) Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to treat such conditions as depression and insomnia. It is premised on the belief that essential oils stimulate the brain to improve mood and promote feelings of calm. With the right blend, you can indulge in an aromatherapy treatment at home that is sure to lift your spirits, reduce stress and restore balance to your vagina.

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