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Feel The Rhythm, Feel The Vibe, Are you Ready? It's Cock Ring Time!

If you're ready to experience a better erection and orgasm than you ever thought was possible, look no further.
Case #: 1908

I wouldn't say that I'm super over weight, but I also can't say that I'm thin at all either. Ever since I got out of college, I've kind of let my physique go, and it's starting to show up in my sex life. My erections are either very weak, or very fickle. I can be hard as a rock one minute, and softer than ever the next. Is there anything that can help me get it up and keep it up?

Erectile dysfunction touches a lot of men from all walks of life. Its causes vary from depression and age to poor eating habits and addictive drug use. Fortunately, through science and trial and error, we've come across some really great solutions to the weak erection.
The Forbidden Dance

Before you try any of these methods, I would highly recommend taking a good look at your current diet. If you really do feel like you've been making some not-so-great food decisions, then it's time to start incorporating some leafy greens into your daily life. I would also suggest staying away from any fatty red meats and greasy snack. Once you have your diet under control, you will then be primed and ready for faze two of operation hard-on.
Enter The Cock Ring

One of the simplest, and most effective tools that a man with weak erections can find is the cock ring. They work by securing at the base of the shaft of the penis, and trapping the blood that rushes through the shaft during arousal. Once the blood is trapped there, the ring will allow a fast pace type of circulation throughout the penis. This kind of concentrated blood flow will greatly increase sensitivity as well as keep you hard throughout a session of intercourse.
When it comes to cock rings, there is a plethora of styles, shapes, and sizes to pick from. Most of the rings manufactured today will often include a tiny vibrating bullet that feels great when pressed up against the clitoris.
There are also double ringed cock rings that secure around both the base of the penis and the sack of the scrotum. (TRY: Erection Controlling Vibrating Rings) Rings like these typically also include a vibrating element.
Prepare For The Vibes

Before attempt to secure the ring at the base of your penis, it is a wise move to first lube the area so that the ring slips on without any discomfort. These days, cock rings are usually made out of rubber or silicone, which is much more comfortable than their metal ancestors, but may also lead to some uncomfortable application if you don't lube up accordingly.
If you begin to feel any sort of discomfort or pain while wearing the ring, you should promptly remove it. And if the ring that you choose also includes a vibrating element, you should not exceed wearing it for longer than thirty minutes at a time. Prolonged use of a vibrating device may lead to bruising, scar tissue damage, impotence, or vein ruptures.

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