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Orgasm Dysfunction Since 1992

After experiencing the sole orgasm of her life at age 18, a woman approaching 40 wonders what she can do to have more orgasm.

Case #: 1224


After reading a book on the physiological study of the brain, I found something interesting: the mind vividly remembers certain experiences. I guess that explains why, on July 14th, 1992, when I had my first—and last—orgasm at the age of 18, I remember vividly the thrusting motions of his technique. I even remember the background music playing—“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Since that day, I’ve yet to experience another orgasm. No matter how hard my partners have tried (or how slow), not one has succeeded.

For a woman my age, I’d like to live the last years of my sexual life to their fullest. What can I do to regain my orgasm?


Woman experience orgasm difficulty for all sorts of reasons. Although they are natural processes, sexual arousal and orgasms require a complex alchemy of nutrients and hormones to function properly. Even when everything about the female body is functioning normally, most of us require a large amount of empathy and attention from our partners to help us have fulfilling orgasms during sex.

In addition, a large percentage of vagina-havers never experience orgasms from penetration (G-spot orgasms) and require at least some clitoral stimulation. This is normal, and should be an easy problem to solve with open communication. I will assume that you (and your partners) have tried other methods of stimulation besides PIV. Unfortunately, the clitoris can also lose sensitivity and cause us to have difficulty achieving orgasm, even with careful attention from our partners.

What Causes Clitoral Insensitivity?

In order to achieve orgasm, the clitoris and other erectile tissues inside the vagina must receive enough hormonal and chemical input to support each stage of the sexual response, as well as the correct type and amount stimulation to induce them. Sometimes, testosterone and DHEA can drop to low enough ratios that the endocrine system cannot trigger an orgasm, even with adequate stimulation.

Prescription medications that alter your body chemistry can affect normal production, synthesis, and replenishment of these resources, as well as the essential prostaglandins and nitric oxide necessary to support sexual activity. Birth control pills, in particular, are known to interfere heavily with hormonal balance and to lead to clitoral sensation and orgasm problems in some users. Since birth control pills often overwhelm your natural testosterone levels with excessive estrogen, they can also cause a decrease in libido.

Some people simply have a greater susceptibility to changes in hormone production than others. For instance, many women experience some form of decrease in vaginal sensitivity as they age or enter menopause. Other hormonal problems, such as estrogen dominance, can affect women at any age. For women with depleted hormone reserves, over-stimulation of the clitoris can lead to decreases in sexual response.

How To Regain Sexual Pleasure

If you and your partners have tried a broad range of sexual techniques, and you have ruled out psychological causes for your orgasm difficulty, it is possible that you could be experiencing clitoral insensitivity due to physiological (hormonal) issues. Luckily, there is a plethora of natural techniques and herbal supplements available to help boost sexual responsiveness. (SEE: Natural Formula for Clitoral Regeneration) Various herbs may reduce inflammation, modulate hormone levels, or even just ease stress for a more positive sexual experience.

What to do

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